Torkel Hafting
Torkel Hafting
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Microstructure of a spatial map in the entorhinal cortex
T Hafting, M Fyhn, S Molden, MB Moser, EI Moser
Nature 436 (7052), 801-806, 2005
Conjunctive representation of position, direction, and velocity in entorhinal cortex
F Sargolini, M Fyhn, T Hafting, BL McNaughton, MP Witter, MB Moser, ...
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Frequency of gamma oscillations routes flow of information in the hippocampus
LL Colgin, T Denninger, M Fyhn, T Hafting, T Bonnevie, O Jensen, ...
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Finite scale of spatial representation in the hippocampus
KB Kjelstrup, T Solstad, VH Brun, T Hafting, S Leutgeb, MP Witter, ...
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Hippocampus-independent phase precession in entorhinal grid cells
T Hafting, M Fyhn, T Bonnevie, MB Moser, EI Moser
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Grid cells require excitatory drive from the hippocampus
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Grid cells in mice
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Removal of perineuronal nets unlocks juvenile plasticity through network mechanisms of decreased inhibition and increased gamma activity
KK Lensjø, ME Lepperød, G Dick, T Hafting, M Fyhn
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Differential expression and cell-type specificity of perineuronal nets in hippocampus, medial entorhinal cortex, and visual cortex examined in the rat and mouse
KK Lensjø, AC Christensen, S Tennøe, M Fyhn, T Hafting
eneuro 4 (3), 2017
Aggrecan directs extracellular matrix-mediated neuronal plasticity
D Rowlands, KK Lensjø, T Dinh, S Yang, MR Andrews, T Hafting, M Fyhn, ...
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ViSAPy: a Python tool for biophysics-based generation of virtual spiking activity for evaluation of spike-sorting algorithms
E Hagen, TV Ness, A Khosrowshahi, C Sørensen, M Fyhn, T Hafting, ...
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Purinergic activation of BK channels in clonal kidney cells (Vero cells)
T Hafting, O Sand
Acta physiologica scandinavica 170 (2), 99-109, 2000
Hypotonic stress activates BK channels in clonal kidney cells via purinergic receptors, presumably of the P2Y1 subtype
T Hafting, TM Haug, S Ellefsen, O Sand
Acta Physiologica 188 (1), 21-31, 2006
Open source modules for tracking animal behavior and closed-loop stimulation based on Open Ephys and Bonsai
AP Buccino, ME Lepperød, SA Dragly, P Häfliger, M Fyhn, T Hafting
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Cerebral Cortex 29 (12), 5166-5179, 2019
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