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Valerio Ferrario
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Efficient immobilisation of industrial biocatalysts: criteria and constraints for the selection of organic polymeric carriers and immobilisation methods
S Cantone, V Ferrario, L Corici, C Ebert, D Fattor, P Spizzo, L Gardossi
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A Pellis, E Herrero Acero, L Gardossi, V Ferrario, GM Guebitz
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A Basso, P Spizzo, V Ferrario, L Knapic, N Savko, P Braiuca, C Ebert, ...
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Conformational changes of lipases in aqueous media: A comparative computational study and experimental implications
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Nature inspired solutions for polymers: will cutinase enzymes make polyesters and polyamides greener?
V Ferrario, A Pellis, M Cespugli, GM Guebitz, L Gardossi
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A Three‐Dimensional Quanititative Structure‐Activity Relationship (3D‐QSAR) Model for Predicting the Enantioselectivity of Candida antarctica Lipase B
P Braiuca, K Lorena, V Ferrario, C Ebert, L Gardossi
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Large scale applications of immobilized enzymes call for sustainable and inexpensive solutions: rice husks as renewable alternatives to fossil-based organic resins
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Enlarging the tools for efficient enzymatic polycondensation: structural and catalytic features of cutinase 1 from Thermobifida cellulosilytica
A Pellis, V Ferrario, B Zartl, M Brandauer, C Gamerith, EH Acero, C Ebert, ...
Catalysis Science & Technology 6 (10), 3430-3442, 2016
Fully renewable polyesters via polycondensation catalyzed by Thermobifida cellulosilytica cutinase 1: an integrated approach
A Pellis, V Ferrario, M Cespugli, L Corici, A Guarneri, B Zartl, EH Acero, ...
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Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic 70 (1-2), 23-31, 2011
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Rice husk as an inexpensive renewable immobilization carrier for biocatalysts employed in the food, cosmetic and polymer sectors
M Cespugli, S Lotteria, L Navarini, V Lonzarich, L Del Terra, F Vita, ...
Catalysts 8 (10), 471, 2018
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