Domenico Paparo
Domenico Paparo
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Optical spin-to-orbital angular momentum conversion in inhomogeneous anisotropic media
L Marrucci, C Manzo, D Paparo
Physical review letters 96 (16), 163905, 2006
Pancharatnam-Berry phase optical elements for wave front shaping in the visible domain: switchable helical mode generation
L Marrucci, C Manzo, D Paparo
Applied Physics Letters 88 (22), 221102, 2006
Photoinduced molecular reorientation of absorbing liquid crystals
L Marrucci, D Paparo
Physical Review E 56 (2), 1765, 1997
Dielectric relaxation dynamics of water in model membranes probed by terahertz spectroscopy
KJ Tielrooij, D Paparo, L Piatkowski, HJ Bakker, M Bonn
Biophysical journal 97 (9), 2484-2492, 2009
Polar catastrophe and electronic reconstructions at the interface: Evidence from optical second harmonic generation
A Savoia, D Paparo, P Perna, Z Ristic, M Salluzzo, FM Granozio, ...
Physical Review B 80 (7), 075110, 2009
Role of guest-host intermolecular forces in photoinduced reorientation of dyed liquid crystals
L Marrucci, D Paparo, P Maddalena, E Massera, E Prudnikova, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 107 (23), 9783-9793, 1997
Quantum walks and wavepacket dynamics on a lattice with twisted photons
F Cardano, F Massa, H Qassim, E Karimi, S Slussarenko, D Paparo, ...
Science advances 1 (2), e1500087, 2015
Molecular-field-enhanced optical Kerr effect in absorbing liquids
D Paparo, L Marrucci, G Abbate, E Santamato, M Kreuzer, P Lehnert, ...
Physical review letters 78 (1), 38, 1997
Role of dye structure in photoinduced reorientation of dye-doped liquid crystals
L Marrucci, D Paparo, MR Vetrano, M Colicchio, E Santamato, G Viscardi
The Journal of Chemical Physics 113 (22), 10361-10366, 2000
Direct femtosecond laser surface structuring with optical vortex beams generated by a q-plate
JJJ Nivas, S He, A Rubano, A Vecchione, D Paparo, L Marrucci, ...
Scientific reports 5, 17929, 2015
Wavelength dependence of optical reorientation in dye-doped nematics
D Paparo, P Maddalena, G Abbate, E Santamato, I Janossy
Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A…, 1994
Femtosecond laser surface structuring of silicon using optical vortex beams generated by a q-plate
KK Anoop, A Rubano, R Fittipaldi, X Wang, D Paparo, A Vecchione, ...
Applied Physics Letters 104 (24), 241604, 2014
Molecular reorientation by photoinduced modulation of rotational mobility
M Kreuzer, E Benkler, D Paparo, G Casillo, L Marrucci
Physical Review E 68 (1), 011701, 2003
Spectral and spatial distribution of polarization at the LaAlO/SrTiO interface
A Rubano, M Fiebig, D Paparo, A Marino, D Maccariello, US di Uccio, ...
Physical Review B 83 (15), 155405, 2011
Enhanced optical nonlinearity by photoinduced molecular orientation in absorbing liquids
L Marrucci, D Paparo, G Abbate, E Santamato, M Kreuzer, P Lehnert, ...
Physical Review A 58 (6), 4926, 1998
Switchable electric polarization and ferroelectric domains in a metal-organic-framework
P Jain, A Stroppa, D Nabok, A Marino, A Rubano, D Paparo, M Matsubara, ...
npj Quantum Materials 1, 16012, 2016
Large deuterium isotope effect in the optical nonlinearity of dye-doped liquid crystals
M Kreuzer, F Hanisch, R Eidenschink, D Paparo, L Marrucci
Physical review letters 88 (1), 013902, 2001
Light-induced modification of kinetic molecular properties: enhancement of optical Kerr effect in absorbing liquids, photoinduced torque and molecular motors in dye-doped nematics
M Kreuzer, L Marrucci, D Paparo
Journal of Nonlinear Optical Physics & Materials 9 (02), 157-182, 2000
Blue luminescence of under intense optical excitation
A Rubano, D Paparo, FM Granozio, U Scotti di Uccio, L Marrucci
Journal of Applied Physics 106 (10), 103515, 2009
Recombination kinetics of a dense electron-hole plasma in strontium titanate
A Rubano, D Paparo, F Miletto, US di Uccio, L Marrucci
Physical Review B 76 (12), 125115, 2007
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