Massimo Rippa
Massimo Rippa
Institute of Applied Science and Intelligent Systems "E. Caianiello", ISASI CNR
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A plasmonic nanostructure fabricated by electron beam lithography as a sensitive and highly homogeneous SERS substrate for bio-sensing applications
L Petti, R Capasso, M Rippa, M Pannico, P La Manna, G Peluso, ...
Vibrational Spectroscopy 82, 22-30, 2016
Large oncosomes overexpressing integrin alpha-V promote prostate cancer adhesion and invasion via AKT activation
C Ciardiello, A Leone, P Lanuti, MS Roca, T Moccia, VR Minciacchi, ...
Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research 38, 1-16, 2019
Octupolar plasmonic meta-molecules for nonlinear chiral watermarking at subwavelength scale
R Kolkowski, L Petti, M Rippa, C Lafargue, J Zyss
Acs Photonics 2 (7), 899-906, 2015
Poly (lactic acid)/thermoplastic starch films: Effect of cardoon seed epoxidized oil on their chemicophysical, mechanical, and barrier properties
R Turco, R Ortega-Toro, R Tesser, S Mallardo, S Collazo-Bigliardi, ...
Coatings 9 (9), 574, 2019
Optically induced light modulation in an hybrid nanocomposite system of inorganic CdSe/CdS nanorods and nematic liquid crystals
L Petti, M Rippa, A Fiore, L Manna, P Mormile
Optical Materials 32 (9), 1011-1016, 2010
Octupolar metastructures for a highly sensitive, rapid, and reproducible phage-based detection of bacterial pathogens by surface-enhanced Raman scattering
M Rippa, R Castagna, M Pannico, P Musto, G Borriello, R Paradiso, ...
Acs Sensors 2 (7), 947-954, 2017
Monitoring of the degradation dynamics of agricultural films by IR thermography
P Mormile, L Petti, M Rippa, B Immirzi, M Malinconico, G Santagata
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Nanostructured PEDOT: PSS film with two-dimensional photonic quasi crystals for efficient white OLED devices
ADG Del Mauro, M GraziaáMaglione
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Electro‐/All‐Optical Light Extraction in Gold Photonic Quasi‐crystals Layered with Photosensitive Liquid Crystals
V Caligiuri, L De Sio, L Petti, R Capasso, M Rippa, MG Maglione, ...
Advanced Optical Materials 2 (10), 950-955, 2014
Bragg extraction of light in 2D photonic Thue–Morse quasicrystals patterned in active CdSe/CdS nanorod–polymer nanocomposites
M Rippa, R Capasso, P Mormile, S De Nicola, M Zanella, L Manna, ...
Nanoscale 5 (1), 331-336, 2013
Spectral characterization of two-dimensional Thue–Morse quasicrystals realized with high resolution lithography
V Matarazzo, S De Nicola, G Zito, P Mormile, M Rippa, G Abbate, J Zhou, ...
Journal of Optics 13 (1), 015602, 2010
Octupolar plasmonic nanosensor based on ordered arrays of triangular Au nanopillars for selective rotavirus detection
M Rippa, R Castagna, S Brandi, G Fusco, M Monini, D Chen, J Zhou, ...
ACS Applied Nano Materials 3 (5), 4837-4844, 2020
Structure-dependent localized surface plasmon resonance characteristics and surface enhanced Raman scattering performances of quasi-periodic nanoarrays: Measurements and analysis
D Chen, J Zhou, M Rippa, L Petti
Journal of Applied Physics 118 (16), 163101, 2015
Plasmonic metasurfaces based on pyramidal nanoholes for high-efficiency SERS biosensing
G Palermo, M Rippa, Y Conti, A Vestri, R Castagna, G Fusco, E Suffredini, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 13 (36), 43715-43725, 2021
Solarization working like a “solar hot panel” after compost addition sanitizes soil in thirty days and preserves soil fertility
L Morra, R Carrieri, F Fornasier, P Mormile, M Rippa, S Baiano, ...
Applied Soil Ecology 126, 65-74, 2018
Extraordinary effects in quasi-periodic gold nanocavities: enhanced transmission and polarization control of cavity modes
R Dhama, V Caligiuri, L Petti, AR Rashed, M Rippa, R Lento, R Termine, ...
ACS nano 12 (1), 504-512, 2018
Engineered nanopatterned substrates for high-sensitive localized surface plasmon resonance: An assay on biomacromolecules
M Rippa, R Castagna, V Tkachenko, J Zhou, L Petti
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 5 (27), 5473-5478, 2017
Novel hybrid organic/inorganic 2D quasiperiodic PC: from diffraction pattern to vertical light extraction
L Petti, M Rippa, J Zhou, L Manna, M Zanella, P Mormile
Nanoscale research letters 6 (1), 1-6, 2011
Combined application of photo-selective mulching films and beneficial microbes affects crop yield and irrigation water productivity in intensive farming systems
G Bonanomi, GB Chirico, M Palladino, SA Gaglione, DG Crispo, ...
Agricultural Water Management 184, 104-113, 2017
Novel organic LED structures based on a highly conductive polymeric photonic crystal electrode
L Petti, M Rippa, R Capasso, G Nenna, ADG Del Mauro, MG Maglione, ...
Nanotechnology 24 (31), 315206, 2013
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