Petr Yeletsky
Petr Yeletsky
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Synthesis of mesoporous carbons by leaching out natural silica templates of rice husk
PM Yeletsky, VA Yakovlev, MS Mel’Gunov, VN Parmon
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 121 (1-3), 34-40, 2009
Preparation and investigation of nanostructured carbonaceous composites from the high-ash biomass
VA Yakovlev, PM Yeletsky, MY Lebedev, DY Ermakov, VN Parmon
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Micro–mesoporous carbons from rice husk as active materials for supercapacitors
MV Lebedeva, PM Yeletsky, AB Ayupov, AN Kuznetsov, VA Yakovlev, ...
Materials for Renewable and Sustainable Energy 4 (4), 1-9, 2015
Study of silica templates in the rice husk and the carbon–silica nanocomposites produced from rice husk
YV Larichev, PM Yeletsky, VA Yakovlev
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Anthracene aquacracking using NiMo/SiO2 catalysts in supercritical water conditions
TR Reina, P Yeletsky, JM Bermúdez, P Arcelus-Arrillaga, VA Yakovlev, ...
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Rice husk derived activated carbon/polyaniline composites as active materials for supercapacitors
MV Lebedeva, AB Ayupov, PM Yeletsky, VN Parmon
Int. J. Electrochem. Sci 13, 3674-3690, 2018
Phenanthrene catalytic cracking in supercritical water: effect of the reaction medium on NiMo/SiO2 catalysts
PM Yeletsky, TR Reina, OA Bulavchenko, AA Saraev, EY Gerasimov, ...
Catalysis Today 329, 197-205, 2019
Heavy oil cracking in the presence of steam and nanodispersed catalysts based on different metals
PM Yeletsky, OO Zaikina, GA Sosnin, RG Kukushkin, VA Yakovlev
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Recent advances in one-stage conversion of lipid-based biomass-derived oils into fuel components–aromatics and isomerized alkanes
PM Yeletsky, RG Kukushkin, VA Yakovlev, BH Chen
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Influence of monomer content on course of aniline polymerization in presence of high surface area carbon
AN Kuznetsov, AB Ayupov, PM Yeletsky, MV Lebedeva
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Temperature-programmed reduction of model CuO, NiO and mixed CuO–NiO catalysts with hydrogen
AV Fedorov, RG Kukushkin, PM Yeletsky, OA Bulavchenko, YA Chesаlоv, ...
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XAS study of Mo-based dispersed catalysts for upgrading of heavy oil
AA Saraev, OO Zaikina, GA Sosnin, PM Yeletsky, AM Tsapina, ...
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Rice husk derived micro-mesoporous carbon materials as active components of supercapacitor electrodes
MV Lebedeva, PM Yeletsky, AB Ayupov, AN Kuznetsov, EN Gribov, ...
Catalysis in Industry 10 (2), 173-180, 2018
Deoxygenation of esters over sulfur-free Ni–W/Al2O3 catalysts for production of biofuel components
RG Kukushkin, PM Yeletsky, CT Grassin, BH Chen, OA Bulavchenko, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 396, 125202, 2020
Coupling Hydrogenation of Guaiacol with In Situ Hydrogen Production by Glycerol Aqueous Reforming over Ni/Al2O3 and Ni-X/Al2O3 (X= Cu, Mo, P) Catalysts
Z Chen, RG Kukushkin, PM Yeletsky, AA Saraev, OA Bulavchenko, ...
Nanomaterials 10 (7), 1420, 2020
Corrigendum to “Recent advances in one-stage conversion of lipid-based biomass-derived oils into fuel components–Aromatics and isomerized alkanes”[Fuel 278 (2020) 118255](Fuel …
PM Yeletsky, RG Kukushkin, VA Yakovlev, BH Chen
Fuel 281, 118756, 2020
Molybdenum recovery from spent Mo-based dispersed catalyst accumulated in heavy oil steam cracking coke
GA Sosnin, NA Yazykov, PM Yeletsky, OO Zaikina, VA Yakovlev
Fuel Processing Technology 208, 106520, 2020
Combustion of sewage sludge in a fluidized bed of catalyst: ASPEN PLUS model
AV Fedorov, YV Dubinin, PM Yeletsky, IA Fedorov, SN Shelest, ...
Journal of Hazardous Materials 405, 124196, 2021
Application of Heterogeneous Catalysts for the Conversion of Biomass-derived Feedstocks into Fuel Components and Eco-additives
PM Yeletsky, RG Kukushkin, MV Alekseeva, AA Smirnov
Heterogeneous Catalysis for Energy Applications, 150-179, 2020
Effect of Carbon Component Characteristics on Texture and Electrochemical Properties of Polyaniline—Carbon Composites
MV Lebedeva, PM Yeletsky, DV Kozlov
Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry 92 (12), 1780-1788, 2019
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