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Giovanni De Giudici
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Arsenopyrite dissolution rates in O2-bearing solutions
MP Asta, J Cama, C Ayora, P Acero, G de Giudici
Chemical Geology 273 (3-4), 272-285, 2010
Metals and metalloids in hair samples of children living near the abandoned mine sites of Sulcis-Inglesiente (Sardinia, Italy)
D Varrica, E Tamburo, N Milia, E Vallascas, V Cortimiglia, G De Giudici, ...
Environmental Research 134, 366-374, 2014
Surface control vs. diffusion control during calcite dissolution: Dependence of step-edge velocity upon solution pH
G De Giudici
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G De Giudici, P Zuddas
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G De Giudici, A Rossi, L Fanfani, P Lattanzi
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G De Giudici, C Pusceddu, D Medas, C Meneghini, A Gianoncelli, ...
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Zinc isotope and transition-element dynamics accompanying hydrozincite biomineralization in the Rio Naracauli, Sardinia, Italy
RB Wanty, F Podda, G De Giudici, R Cidu, P Lattanzi
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Geochemistry of rare earth elements in water and solid materials at abandoned mines in SW Sardinia (Italy)
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Impact of Zn excess on biomineralization processes in Juncus acutus grown in mine polluted sites
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Journal of hazardous materials 370, 98-107, 2019
Microscopic Processes Ruling the Bioavailability of Zn to Roots of Euphorbia pithyusa L. Pioneer Plant
D Medas, G De Giudici, MA Casu, E Musu, A Gianoncelli, A Iadecola, ...
Environmental Science & Technology 49 (3), 1400-1408, 2015
Structural properties of biologically controlled hydrozincite: an HRTEM and NMR spectroscopic study
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Assessment of the applicability of a “toolbox” designed for microbially assisted phytoremediation: the case study at Ingurtosu mining site (Italy)
AR Sprocati, C Alisi, V Pinto, MR Montereali, P Marconi, F Tasso, ...
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Fluorite dissolution at acidic pH: In situ AFM and ex situ VSI experiments and Monte Carlo simulations
J Cama, L Zhang, JM Soler, G De Giudici, RS Arvidson, A Lüttge
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Quantifying biomineralization of zinc in the Rio Naracauli (Sardinia, Italy), using a tracer injection and synoptic sampling
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Microstructure of Cu–Be alloy triboxidative wear debris
P Scardi, M Leoni, G Straffelini, G De Giudici
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Environmental science and pollution research 21, 6793-6808, 2014
Microscopic biomineralization processes and Zn bioavailability: a synchrotron-based investigation of Pistacia lentiscus L. roots
G De Giudici, D Medas, C Meneghini, MA Casu, A Gianoncelli, A Iadecola, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 22, 19352-19361, 2015
Coupled pot and lysimeter experiments assessing plant performance in microbially assisted phytoremediation
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Environmental science and pollution research 21, 6905-6920, 2014
Hydrozincite seasonal precipitation at Naracauli (Sardinia–Italy): Hydrochemical factors and morphological features of the biomineralization process
D Medas, R Cidu, P Lattanzi, F Podda, RB Wanty, G De Giudici
Applied geochemistry 27 (9), 1814-1820, 2012
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