Francesca Condino
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MR Imaging Index for Differentiation of Progressive Supranuclear Palsy from Parkinson Disease and the Parkinson Variant of Multiple System Atrophy1
A Quattrone, G Nicoletti, D Messina, F Fera, F Condino, P Pugliese, ...
Radiology 246 (1), 214-221, 2008
Apparent diffusion coefficient measurements of the middle cerebellar peduncle differentiate the Parkinson variant of MSA from Parkinson's disease and progressive supranuclear palsy
G Nicoletti, R Lodi, F Condino, C Tonon, F Fera, E Malucelli, D Manners, ...
Brain 129 (10), 2679-2687, 2006
Diffusion tensor MRI changes in cerebellar structures of patients with familial essential tremor
G Nicoletti, D Manners, F Novellino, F Condino, E Malucelli, B Barbiroli, ...
Neurology 74 (12), 988-994, 2010
Patterns of brain atrophy in Parkinson’s disease, progressive supranuclear palsy and multiple system atrophy
D Messina, A Cerasa, F Condino, G Arabia, F Novellino, G Nicoletti, ...
Parkinsonism & related disorders 17 (3), 172-176, 2011
MR Imaging of Middle Cerebellar Peduncle Width: Differentiation of Multiple System Atrophy from Parkinson Disease1
G Nicoletti, F Fera, F Condino, W Auteri, O Gallo, P Pugliese, G Arabia, ...
Radiology 239 (3), 825-830, 2006
Apparent diffusion coefficient of the superior cerebellar peduncle differentiates progressive supranuclear palsy from Parkinson's disease
G Nicoletti, C Tonon, R Lodi, F Condino, D Manners, E Malucelli, ...
Movement disorders 23 (16), 2370-2376, 2008
Cerebellar atrophy in essential tremor using an automated segmentation method
A Cerasa, D Messina, G Nicoletti, F Novellino, P Lanza, F Condino, ...
American Journal of Neuroradiology 30 (6), 1240-1243, 2009
MRI evidence of mesial temporal sclerosis in sporadic “benign” temporal lobe epilepsy
A Labate, P Ventura, A Gambardella, E Le Piane, E Colosimo, U Leggio, ...
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Bilateral transverse sinus stenosis predicts IIH without papilledema in patients with migraine
F Bono, D Messina, C Giliberto, D Cristiano, G Broussard, F Fera, ...
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Glucocerebrosidase gene mutations are associated with Parkinson's disease in southern Italy
EV De Marco, G Annesi, P Tarantino, FE Rocca, G Provenzano, D Civitelli, ...
Movement disorders 23 (3), 460-463, 2008
Accuracy of magnetic resonance parkinsonism index for differentiation of progressive supranuclear palsy from probable or possible Parkinson disease
M Morelli, G Arabia, M Salsone, F Novellino, L Giofrè, R Paletta, ...
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Hyperhomocysteinemia is associated with cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosis
C Russo, F Morabito, F Luise, A Piromalli, L Battaglia, A Vinci, ...
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MRI measurements predict PSP in unclassifiable parkinsonisms A cohort study
M Morelli, G Arabia, F Novellino, M Salsone, L Giofrè, F Condino, ...
Neurology 77 (11), 1042-1047, 2011
Bilateral transverse sinus stenosis and idiopathic intracranial hypertension without papilledema in chronic tension-type headache
F Bono, D Messina, C Giliberto, D Cristiano, G Broussard, S D’Asero, ...
Journal of neurology 255 (6), 807-812, 2008
A novel Angiogenin gene mutation in a sporadic patient with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis from southern Italy
FL Conforti, T Sprovieri, R Mazzei, C Ungaro, V La Bella, A Tessitore, ...
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Cognitive deficits in multiple sclerosis patients with cerebellar symptoms
P Valentino, A Cerasa, C Chiriaco, R Nistico, D Pirritano, MC Gioia, ...
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Myocardial 123metaiodobenzylguanidine uptake in genetic Parkinson's disease
A Quattrone, A Bagnato, G Annesi, F Novellino, L Morgante, G Savettieri, ...
Movement Disorders 23 (1), 21-27, 2008
Combined use of DAT‐SPECT and cardiac MIBG scintigraphy in mixed tremors
F Novellino, G Arabia, A Bagnato, GL Cascini, M Salsone, G Nicoletti, ...
Movement Disorders 24 (15), 2242-2248, 2009
Abnormal pressure waves in headache sufferers with bilateral transverse sinus stenosis
F Bono, D Salvino, T Tallarico, D Cristiano, F Condino, F Fera, PL Lanza, ...
Cephalalgia 30 (12), 1419-1425, 2010
Ataxin-1 and ataxin-2 intermediate-length PolyQ expansions in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
FL Conforti, R Spataro, W Sproviero, R Mazzei, F Cavalcanti, F Condino, ...
Neurology 79 (24), 2315-2320, 2012
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