Fahmida Parvin
Fahmida Parvin
Professor of Physics, Rajshahi University
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Zirconium metal-based MAX phases Zr2AC (A = Al, Si, P and S): A first-principles study
MT Nasir, MA Hadi, SH Naqib, F Parvin, A Islam, M Roknuzzaman, MS Ali
International Journal of Modern Physics B 28 (32), 1550022, 2014
Phase stability, elastic, electronic, thermal and optical properties of Ti3Al1− xSixC2 (0≤ x≤ 1): First principle study
MS Ali, A Islam, MM Hossain, F Parvin
Physica B: Condensed Matter 407 (21), 4221-4228, 2012
New MAX Phase Superconductor Ti2GeC: A First-principles Study
MA Hadi, M Roknuzzaman, F Parvin, SH Naqib, A Islam, M Aftabuzzaman
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Structural, elastic, electronic, thermodynamic, and optical properties of layered BaPd2As2 pnictide superconductor: A first principles investigation
F Parvin, SH Naqib
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 780, 452-460, 2019
Newly synthesized nanolaminate Nb2GeC: Hardness, thermodynamic and optical properties by first-principles method
MS Ali, F Parvin, A Islam, MA Hossain
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Elastic, thermodynamic, electronic, and optical properties of recently discovered superconducting transition metal boride NbRuB: An ab-initio investigation
F Parvin, SH Naqib
Chinese Physics B 26 (10), 106201, 2017
Structural, Elastic, and Electronic Properties of Newly Discovered Li 2 PtSi 3 Superconductor: Effect of Transition Metals
MA Alam, MA Hadi, MT Nasir, M Roknuzzaman, F Parvin, MAK Zilani, ...
Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism 29 (10), 2503-2508, 2016
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MZ Hasan, MM Hossain, MS Islam, F Parvin, A Islam
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F Parvin, MA Hossain, MS Ali, A Islam
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MA Hossain, MS Ali, F Parvin, A Islam
Computational materials science 73, 1-8, 2013
Newly synthesized MgAl2Ge2: A first-principles comparison with its silicide and carbide counterparts
AMMT Karim, MA Hadi, MA Alam, F Parvin, SH Naqib, A Islam
Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 117, 139-147, 2018
Mechanical behaviour of AgB2 in comparison to MgB2––a first principle study
F Parvin, A Islam, FN Islam, A Wahed, ME Haque
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New superconductor (Na0. 25K0. 45) Ba3Bi4O12: A first-principles study
MS Ali, M Aftabuzzaman, M Roknuzzaman, MA Rayhan, F Parvin, MM Ali, ...
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MR Khatun, MA Ali, F Parvin, A Islam
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SixC1− xO2 alloys: A possible route to stabilize carbon-based silica-like solids?
A Aravindh, A Arkundato, S Barman, S Baroni, BL Bhargava, ...
Solid state communications 144 (7-8), 273-276, 2007
AuB2 in comparison to superconducting MgB2-an ab initio study
F Parvin, A Islam, FN Islam
Solid state communications 130 (8), 567-569, 2004
Physical properties of niobium-based intermetallics (Nb 3 B; B= Os, Pt, Au): a DFT-based ab-initio study
MI Naher, F Parvin, AKMA Islam, SH Naqib
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MA Alam, MAK Zilani, F Parvin, MA Hadi
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Intermetallic MPt3 (M = Ti, Zr, Hf): Elastic, electronic, optical and thermal properties
SK Mitro, MA Rahman, F Parvin, AKMA Islam
International Journal of Modern Physics B 33 (18), 1950189, 2019
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