Adrien Bouhon
Adrien Bouhon
University of Cambridge, Nordita, Uppsala University, ETH Zurich
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Wilson loop approach to fragile topology of split elementary band representations and topological crystalline insulators with time-reversal symmetry
A Bouhon, AM Black-Schaffer, RJ Slager
Physical Review B 100 (19), 195135, 2019
Non-Abelian reciprocal braiding of Weyl points and its manifestation in ZrTe
A Bouhon, QS Wu, RJ Slager, H Weng, OV Yazyev, T Bzdušek
Nature Physics 16 (11), 1137-1143, 2020
Topological Euler class as a dynamical observable in optical lattices
FN nal, A Bouhon, RJ Slager
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Fractional corner charges in spin-orbit coupled crystals
F Schindler, M Brzezińska, WA Benalcazar, M Iraola, A Bouhon, ...
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Geometric approach to fragile topology beyond symmetry indicators
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Current inversion at the edges of a chiral -wave superconductor
A Bouhon, M Sigrist
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A Bouhon, AM Black-Schaffer
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Phonons as a platform for non-Abelian braiding and its manifestation in layered silicates
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Nature Communications 13 (1), 423, 2022
PAI-graphene: A new topological semimetallic two-dimensional carbon allotrope with highly tunable anisotropic Dirac cones
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Carbon 170, 477-486, 2020
Influence of the domain walls on the Josephson effect in Sr2RuO4
A Bouhon, M Sigrist
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Subdimensional topologies, indicators, and higher order boundary effects
GF Lange, A Bouhon, RJ Slager
Physical Review B 103 (19), 195145, 2021
Three-dimensional organic Dirac-line materials due to nonsymmorphic symmetry: A data mining approach
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Multigap topology and non-Abelian braiding of phonons from first principles
B Peng, A Bouhon, RJ Slager, B Monserrat
Physical Review B 105 (8), 085115, 2022
Multi-gap topological conversion of Euler class via band-node braiding: minimal models, -linked nodal rings, and chiral heirs
A Bouhon, RJ Slager
arXiv preprint arXiv:2203.16741, 2022
Topological continuum charges of acoustic phonons in two dimensions and the Nambu-Goldstone theorem
GF Lange, A Bouhon, B Monserrat, RJ Slager
Physical Review B 105 (6), 064301, 2022
Data mining for three-dimensional organic dirac materials: focus on space group 19
RM Geilhufe, SS Borysov, A Bouhon, AV Balatsky
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Spontaneous surface flux pattern in chiral -wave superconductors
SB Etter, A Bouhon, M Sigrist
Physical Review B 97 (6), 064510, 2018
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