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Microwave-assisted copper-catalyzed preparation of diaryl chalcogenides
S Kumar, L Engman
The Journal of organic chemistry 71 (14), 5400-5403, 2006
Transition-metal-free synthesis of unsymmetrical diaryl chalcogenides from arenes and diaryl dichalcogenides
CD Prasad, SJ Balkrishna, A Kumar, BS Bhakuni, K Shrimali, S Biswas, ...
The Journal of organic chemistry 78 (4), 1434-1443, 2013
KO t Bu Mediated Synthesis of Phenanthridinones and Dibenzoazepinones
BS Bhakuni, A Kumar, SJ Balkrishna, JA Sheikh, S Konar, S Kumar
Organic letters 14 (11), 2838-2841, 2012
Intramolecularly coordinated diorganyl ditellurides: thiol peroxidase-like antioxidants
G Mugesh, A Panda, S Kumar, SD Apte, HB Singh, RJ Butcher
Organometallics 21 (5), 884-892, 2002
Cu-Catalyzed Efficient Synthetic Methodology for Ebselen and Related Se− N Heterocycles
SJ Balkrishna, BS Bhakuni, D Chopra, S Kumar
Organic letters 12 (23), 5394-5397, 2010
Metal free sulfenylation and bis-sulfenylation of indoles: persulfate mediated synthesis
CD Prasad, S Kumar, M Sattar, A Adhikary, S Kumar
Organic & biomolecular chemistry 11 (46), 8036-8040, 2013
Catalytic chain-breaking pyridinol antioxidants
S Kumar, H Johansson, T Kanda, L Engman, T Muller, H Bergenudd, ...
The Journal of organic chemistry 75 (3), 716-725, 2010
Regenerable chain-breaking 2, 3-dihydrobenzo [b] selenophene-5-ol antioxidants
S Kumar, H Johansson, L Engman, L Valgimigli, R Amorati, MG Fumo, ...
The Journal of organic chemistry 72 (7), 2583-2595, 2007
Chelate Ring Size Effect on the Reactivity of [2-(2-Phenyl-5, 6-dihydro-4 H-1, 3-oxazinyl)] lithium and Se⊙⊙⊙ N Interactions in Low-Valent Organoselenium Compounds: Facile …
S Kumar, K Kandasamy, HB Singh, G Wolmershäuser, RJ Butcher
Organometallics 23 (18), 4199-4208, 2004
Thioredoxin reductase and cancer cell growth inhibition by organogold (III) compounds
L Engman, M McNaughton, M Gajewska, S Kumar, A Birmingham, ...
Anti-cancer drugs 17 (5), 539-544, 2006
Transition Metal Free Intramolecular Selective Oxidative C(sp3)-N Coupling: Synthesis of N-Aryl-isoindolinones from 2-Alkylbenzamides
SK Ajay Verma, Saket Patel, Meenakshi, Amit Kumar, Abhimanyu Yadav, Shailesh ...
Chemical Communications 51, 1371-1374, 2014
Antioxidant profile of ethoxyquin and some of its S, Se, and Te analogues
S Kumar, L Engman, L Valgimigli, R Amorati, MG Fumo, GF Pedulli
The Journal of organic chemistry 72 (16), 6046-6055, 2007
Isoselenazolones as Catalysts for the Activation of Bromine: Bromolactonization of Alkenoic Acids and Oxidation of Alcohols
SK Shah Jaimin Balkrishna, Ch Durga Prasad, Piyush Panini, Michael R Detty ...
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 77, 9541, 2012
A convenient and efficient copper-catalyzed synthesis of unsymmetrical and symmetrical diaryl chalcogenides from arylboronic acids in ethanol at room temperature
A Kumar, S Kumar
Tetrahedron 70 (9), 1763-1772, 2014
Copper catalyzed/mediated synthetic methodology for ebselen and related isoselenazolones
SJ Balkrishna, BS Bhakuni, S Kumar
Tetrahedron 67 (49), 9565-9575, 2011
Visible-light-induced oxidant and metal-free dehydrogenative cascade trifluoromethylation and oxidation of 1, 6-enynes with water
S Jana, A Verma, R Kadu, S Kumar
Chemical science 8 (9), 6633-6644, 2017
KOtBu-Mediated Synthesis of Dimethylisoindolin-1-ones and Dimethyl-5-phenylisoindolin-1-ones: Selective C-C Coupling of Unreactive tert-sp3 C-H Bond
SK Bhagat Singh Bhakuni, Abhimanyu Yadav, Shailesh Kumar, Saket Patel ...
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 79, 2944, 2014
KOtBu-Mediated Aerobic Transition-Metal-Free Regioselective β-Arylation of Indoles: Synthesis of β-(2-/4-Nitroaryl)-indoles
S Kumar, R Rathore, A Verma, CD Prasad, A Kumar, A Yadav, S Jana, ...
Organic Letters 17, 82-85, 2014
Ebsulfur is a benzisothiazolone cytocidal inhibitor targeting the trypanothione reductase of Trypanosoma brucei
J Lu, SK Vodnala, AL Gustavsson, TN Gustafsson, B Sjöberg, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 288 (38), 27456-27468, 2013
An ebselen like catalyst with enhanced GPx activity via a selenol intermediate
SJ Balkrishna, S Kumar, GK Azad, BS Bhakuni, P Panini, N Ahalawat, ...
Organic & biomolecular chemistry 12 (8), 1215-1219, 2014
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