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Thermally treated clay sediments as geopolymer source material
C Ferone, B Liguori, I Capasso, F Colangelo, R Cioffi, E Cappelletto, ...
Applied Clay Science 107, 195-204, 2015
Properties of Rapeseed (Brassica napus) Stalks Fibers
BM Tofanica, E Cappelletto, D Gavrilescu, K Mueller
Journal of Natural Fibers 8 (4), 241-262, 2011
Hybrid organic–inorganic materials as coatings for protecting wood
F Girardi, E Cappelletto, J Sandak, G Bochicchio, B Tessadri, S Palanti, ...
Progress in Organic Coatings 77 (2), 449-457, 2014
Hydrophobic siloxane paper coatings: the effect of increasing methyl substitution
E Cappelletto, E Callone, R Campostrini, F Girardi, S Maggini, ...
Journal of sol-gel science and technology 62 (3), 441-452, 2012
Study of 19th century inks from archives in the Palazzo Ducale (Venice, Italy) using various analytical techniques
A Gambaro, R Ganzerla, M Fantin, E Cappelletto, R Piazza, WRL Cairns
Microchemical Journal 91 (2), 202-208, 2009
Preparation, structure and properties of hybrid materials based on geopolymers and polysiloxanes
G Roviello, C Menna, O Tarallo, L Ricciotti, C Ferone, F Colangelo, ...
Materials & Design 87, 82-94, 2015
Blistering in Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films: correlation with residual stresses
C Malerba, M Valentini, CLA Ricardo, A Rinaldi, E Cappelletto, P Scardi, ...
Materials & Design 108, 725-735, 2016
Wood surface protection with different alkoxysilanes: a hydrophobic barrier
E Cappelletto, S Maggini, F Girardi, G Bochicchio, B Tessadri, ...
Cellulose 20 (6), 3131-3141, 2013
Comb-Shaped Polymers as Nanostructure Modifiers of Calcium Silicate Hydrate: A 29Si Solid-State NMR Investigation
E Cappelletto, S Borsacchi, M Geppi, F Ridi, E Fratini, P Baglioni
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (44), 22947-22953, 2013
Hybrid organic–inorganic materials on paper: surface and thermo-mechanical properties
F Girardi, S Maggini, C Della Volpe, E Cappelletto, K Mueller, S Siboni, ...
Journal of sol-gel science and technology 60 (3), 315-323, 2011
(I/O) hybrid alkoxysilane/zirconium-oxocluster copolymers as coatings for wood protection
S Maggini, E Feci, E Cappelletto, F Girardi, S Palanti, R Di Maggio
ACS applied materials & interfaces 4 (9), 4871-4881, 2012
Characterization of selected paper documents from the archives of Palazzo Ducale (Venice), Italy using various analytical techniques
R Ganzerla, A Gambaro, E Cappelletto, M Fantin, S Montalbani, M Orlandi
Microchemical journal 91 (1), 70-77, 2009
Chemical and statistical characterization of selected documents from the archives of the Palazzo Ducale (Venice, Italy)
A Gambaro, R Ganzerla, M Fantin, E Cappelletto, R Piazza, W Cairns
Analytica chimica acta 651 (2), 139-148, 2009
Properties of anion exchange membrane based on polyamine: Effect of functionalized silica particles prepared by sol–gel method
N Ataollahi, E Cappelletto, K Vezzù, V Di Noto, G Cavinato, E Callone, ...
Solid State Ionics 322, 85-92, 2018
Cellulose nanocomposites based on silane reinforced 3-butynoate-substituted zirconium-oxocluster copolymers: Mechanical, thermal and hydrophobic properties
S Maggini, E Cappelletto, F Girardi, W Vaona, R Di Maggio
Progress in Organic Coatings 76 (1), 173-180, 2013
Control of composition and grain growth in Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films from nanoparticle inks
N Ataollahi, C Malerba, E Cappelletto, R Ciancio, R Edla, R Di Maggio, ...
Thin Solid Films 674, 12-21, 2019
Chemical–physical characterization of ancient paper with functionalized polyamidoamines (PAAs)
F Girardi, L Bergamonti, C Isca, G Predieri, C Graiff, PP Lottici, ...
Cellulose 24 (2), 1057-1068, 2017
Chloride-based route for monodisperse Cu2ZnSnS4 nanoparticles preparation
CL Azanza Ricardo, F Girardi, E Cappelletto, R D'Angelo, R Ciancio, ...
Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy 7 (4), 043150, 2015
High temperature resistant silane/zirconium‐oxocluster hybrid copolymers containing “free” thiol/ene functionalities in the polymer matrix
S Maggini, E Cappelletto, RD Maggio
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 127 (4), 2435-2441, 2013
Chemical modification and structural rearrangements of polyketone‐based polymer membrane
N Ataollahi, F Girardi, E Cappelletto, K Vezzù, V Di Noto, P Scardi, ...
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 134 (44), 45485, 2017
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