Andrea Fratalocchi
Andrea Fratalocchi
PRIMALIGHT, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, KAUST University, Saudi Arabia
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Dynamic light diffusion, three-dimensional Anderson localization and lasing in inverted opals
C Conti, A Fratalocchi
Nature Physics 4 (10), 794, 2008
Observation of a gradient catastrophe generating solitons
C Conti, A Fratalocchi, M Peccianti, G Ruocco, S Trillo
Physical review letters 102 (8), 083902, 2009
Colloidal quantum dot solar cells exploiting hierarchical structuring
AJ Labelle, SM Thon, S Masala, MM Adachi, H Dong, M Farahani, AH Ip, ...
Nano letters 15 (2), 1101-1108, 2015
Discrete propagation and spatial solitons in nematic liquid crystals
A Fratalocchi, G Assanto, KA Brzdąkiewicz, MA Karpierz
Optics letters 29 (13), 1530-1532, 2004
Discrete light propagation and self-trapping in liquid crystals
A Fratalocchi, G Assanto, KA Brzdąkiewicz, MA Karpierz
Optics express 13 (6), 1808-1815, 2005
Transverse dynamics of nematicons
M Peccianti, A Fratalocchi, G Assanto
Optics express 12 (26), 6524-6529, 2004
Condensation in disordered lasers: Theory, 3 D+ 1 simulations, and experiments
C Conti, M Leonetti, A Fratalocchi, L Angelani, G Ruocco
Physical review letters 101 (14), 143901, 2008
Heterogeneous shear elasticity of glasses: the origin of the boson peak
A Marruzzo, W Schirmacher, A Fratalocchi, G Ruocco
Scientific reports 3, 1407, 2013
Spatial solitons in nematic liquid crystals: from bulk to discrete
G Assanto, A Fratalocchi, M Peccianti
Optics express 15 (8), 5248-5259, 2007
Anapole nanolasers for mode-locking and ultrafast pulse generation
JST Gongora, AE Miroshnichenko, YS Kivshar, A Fratalocchi
Nature communications 8, 15535, 2017
Nonlinearities in periodic structures and metamaterials
C Denz, S Flach, YS Kivshar
Springer, 2010
Triggering extreme events at the nanoscale in photonic seas
C Liu, REC Van Der Wel, N Rotenberg, L Kuipers, TF Krauss, A Di Falco, ...
Nature Physics 11 (4), 358, 2015
High‐Performance Large‐Scale Solar Steam Generation with Nanolayers of Reusable Biomimetic Nanoparticles
C Liu, J Huang, CE Hsiung, Y Tian, J Wang, Y Han, A Fratalocchi
Advanced Sustainable Systems 1 (1-2), 1600013, 2017
Nonlinearly controlled angular momentum of soliton clusters
A Fratalocchi, A Piccardi, M Peccianti, G Assanto
Optics letters 32 (11), 1447-1449, 2007
Harnessing structural darkness in the visible and infrared wavelengths for a new source of light
J Huang, C Liu, Y Zhu, S Masala, E Alarousu, Y Han, A Fratalocchi
Nature nanotechnology 11 (1), 60, 2016
Enhanced energy storage in chaotic optical resonators
C Liu, A Di Falco, D Molinari, Y Khan, BS Ooi, TF Krauss, A Fratalocchi
Nature Photonics 7 (6), 473, 2013
Single-molecule imaging with X-ray free-electron lasers: Dream or reality?
A Fratalocchi, G Ruocco
Physical review letters 106 (10), 105504, 2011
Free-energy transition in a gas of noninteracting nonlinear wave particles
A Fratalocchi, C Conti, G Ruocco, S Trillo
Physical review letters 101 (4), 044101, 2008
Detection of single amino acid mutation in human breast cancer by disordered plasmonic self-similar chain
ML Coluccio, F Gentile, G Das, A Nicastri, AM Perri, P Candeloro, ...
Science advances 1 (8), e1500487, 2015
Integrated electro-optic switch in liquid crystals
A Fratalocchi, R Asquini, G Assanto
Optics express 13 (1), 32-37, 2005
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