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A critical evaluation of current methods for exercise prescription in women and men.
D Iannetta, EC Inglis, AT Mattu, FY Fontana, S Pogliaghi, DA Keir, ...
Medicine and science in sports and exercise 52 (2), 466-473, 2020
1RM prediction: a novel methodology based on the force–velocity and load–velocity relationships
P Picerno, D Iannetta, S Comotto, M Donati, F Pecoraro, M Zok, G Tollis, ...
European Journal of Applied Physiology 116, 2035-2043, 2016
Menstrual and oral contraceptive cycle phases do not affect submaximal and maximal exercise responses
AT Mattu, D Iannetta, MJ MacInnis, PK Doyle‐Baker, JM Murias
Scandinavian journal of medicine & science in sports 30 (3), 472-484, 2020
Metabolic and performance‐related consequences of exercising at and slightly above MLSS
D Iannetta, EC Inglis, C Fullerton, L Passfield, JM Murias
Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports 28 (12), 2481-2493, 2018
Establishing the V̇o2 versus constant-work-rate relationship from ramp-incremental exercise: simple strategies for an unsolved problem
D Iannetta, R de Almeida Azevedo, DA Keir, JM Murias
Journal of Applied Physiology 127 (6), 1519-1527, 2019
A Simple Method to Quantify the V˙ O2 Mean Response Time of Ramp-Incremental Exercise.
D Iannetta, JM Murias, DA Keir
Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 51 (5), 1080-1086, 2019
The plateau in the NIRS-derived [HHb] signal near the end of a ramp incremental test does not indicate the upper limit of O2 extraction in the vastus lateralis
EC Inglis, D Iannetta, JM Murias
American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative …, 2017
The near-infrared spectroscopy-derived deoxygenated haemoglobin breaking-point is a repeatable measure that demarcates exercise intensity domains
D Iannetta, A Qahtani, FM Maturana, JM Murias
Journal of science and medicine in sport 20 (9), 873-877, 2017
An equation to predict the maximal lactate steady state from ramp-incremental exercise test data in cycling
D Iannetta, FY Fontana, FM Maturana, EC Inglis, S Pogliaghi, DA Keir, ...
Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport 21 (12), 1274-1280, 2018
Reliability of microvascular responsiveness measures derived from near-infrared spectroscopy across a variety of ischemic periods in young and older individuals
D Iannetta, EC Inglis, RN Soares, KM McLay, S Pogliaghi, JM Murias
Microvascular Research 122, 117-124, 2019
Quadriceps Muscles O2 Extraction and EMG Breakpoints during a Ramp Incremental Test
D Iannetta, A Qahtani, GY Millet, JM Murias
Frontiers in Physiology 8, 686, 2017
A" Step-Ramp-Step" Protocol to Identify the Maximal Metabolic Steady State.
D Iannetta, EC Inglis, S Pogliaghi, JM Murias, DA Keir
Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 52 (9), 2011-2019, 2020
Effects of pre‐induced fatigue vs. concurrent pain on exercise tolerance, neuromuscular performance and corticospinal responses of locomotor muscles
SJ Aboodarda, D Iannetta, N Emami, G Varesco, JM Murias, GY Millet
The Journal of Physiology 598 (2), 285-302, 2020
Identification of non-invasive exercise thresholds: methods, strategies, and an online app
DA Keir, D Iannetta, F Mattioni Maturana, JM Kowalchuk, JM Murias
Sports Medicine 52 (2), 237-255, 2022
Evaluating the suitability of supra-POpeak verification trials after ramp-incremental exercise to confirm the attainment of maximum O2 uptake
D Iannetta, R de Almeida Azevedo, CP Ingram, DA Keir, JM Murias
American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative …, 2020
Blood flow occlusion-related O2 extraction “reserve” is present in different muscles of the quadriceps but greater in deeper regions after ramp-incremental test
D Iannetta, D Okushima, EC Inglis, N Kondo, JM Murias, S Koga
Journal of Applied Physiology 125 (2), 313-319, 2018
Methodological Reconciliation of CP and MLSS and Their Agreement with the Maximal Metabolic Steady State.
D Iannetta, CP Ingram, DA Keir, JM Murias
Medicine and science in sports and exercise 54 (4), 622-632, 2022
Maximal lactate steady state versus the 20-minute functional threshold power test in well-trained individuals:“Watts” the big deal?
EC Inglis, D Iannetta, L Passfield, JM Murias
International journal of sports physiology and performance 15 (4), 541-547, 2019
Evaluating the accuracy of using fixed ranges of METs to categorize exertional intensity in a heterogeneous group of healthy individuals: implications for cardiorespiratory …
D Iannetta, DA Keir, FY Fontana, EC Inglis, AT Mattu, DH Paterson, ...
Sports Medicine 51 (11), 2411-2421, 2021
Interlimb differences in parameters of aerobic function and local profiles of deoxygenation during double-leg and counterweighted single-leg cycling
D Iannetta, L Passfield, A Qahtani, MJ MacInnis, JM Murias
American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative …, 2019
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