Christoph Becker
Christoph Becker
Senior Scientist Quantum Optics
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Oscillations and interactions of dark and dark–bright solitons in Bose–Einstein condensates
C Becker, S Stellmer, P Soltan-Panahi, S Dörscher, M Baumert, ...
Nature Physics 4 (6), 496-501, 2008
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P Soltan-Panahi, J Struck, P Hauke, A Bick, W Plenkers, G Meineke, ...
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Identifying quantum phase transitions using artificial neural networks on experimental data
BS Rem, N Käming, M Tarnowski, L Asteria, N Fläschner, C Becker, ...
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Analysis of heavy metals in soils using laser-induced breakdown spectrometry combined with laser-induced fluorescence
F Hilbk-Kortenbruck, R Noll, P Wintjens, H Falk, C Becker
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A Eckardt, P Hauke, P Soltan-Panahi, C Becker, K Sengstock, ...
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Detecting the amplitude mode of strongly interacting lattice bosons by Bragg scattering
U Bissbort, S Götze, Y Li, J Heinze, JS Krauser, M Weinberg, C Becker, ...
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J Kronjäger, C Becker, P Navez, K Bongs, K Sengstock
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J Kronjäger, C Becker, M Brinkmann, R Walser, P Navez, K Bongs, ...
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J Kronjäger, C Becker, P Soltan-Panahi, K Bongs, K Sengstock
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Multiband Spectroscopy of Ultracold Fermions: Observation of Reduced Tunneling<? format?> in Attractive Bose-Fermi Mixtures
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Creation of quantum-degenerate gases of ytterbium in a compact 2D-/3D-magneto-optical trap setup
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K Sponselee, L Freystatzky, B Abeln, M Diem, B Hundt, A Kochanke, ...
Quantum Science and Technology 4 (1), 014002, 2018
Inelastic collisions of solitary waves in anisotropic Bose–Einstein condensates: sling-shot events and expanding collision bubbles
C Becker, K Sengstock, P Schmelcher, PG Kevrekidis, ...
New Journal of Physics 15 (11), 113028, 2013
Giant spin oscillations in an ultracold Fermi sea
JS Krauser, U Ebling, N Fläschner, J Heinze, K Sengstock, M Lewenstein, ...
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Combined feedback and sympathetic cooling of a mechanical oscillator coupled to ultracold atoms
P Christoph, T Wagner, H Zhong, R Wiesendanger, K Sengstock, ...
New Journal of Physics 20 (9), 093020, 2018
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