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Suppressing disease spreading by using information diffusion on multiplex networks
W Wang, QH Liu, SM Cai, M Tang, LA Braunstein, HE Stanley
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Suppressing epidemic spreading in multiplex networks with social-support
X Chen, R Wang, M Tang, SM Cai, HE Stanley, LA Braunstein
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Optimal resource diffusion for suppressing disease spreading in multiplex networks
X Chen, W Wang, S Cai, HE Stanley, LA Braunstein
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Diffusion entropy analysis on the scaling behavior of financial markets
SM Cai, PL Zhou, HJ Yang, CX Yang, BH Wang, T Zhou
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Scaling and memory in recurrence intervals of Internet traffic
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Scaling behavior of online human activity
ZD Zhao, SM Cai, J Huang, Y Fu, T Zhou
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Hierarchical organization and disassortative mixing of correlation-based weighted financial networks
SM Cai, YB Zhou, TAO Zhou, PL Zhou
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Group-based ranking method for online rating systems with spamming attacks
J Gao, YW Dong, M Shang, SM Cai, T Zhou
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Social contagions on time-varying community networks
MX Liu, W Wang, Y Liu, M Tang, SM Cai, HF Zhang
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Predicting missing links via significant paths
X Zhu, H Tian, S Cai, J Huang, T Zhou
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Scale invariance of human electroencephalogram signals in sleep
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Personalized recommendation with corrected similarity
X Zhu, H Tian, S Cai
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Non-Markovian Character in Human Mobility: Online and Offline
ZD Zhao, SM Cai, Y Lu
Chaos 25, 063106, 2015
Recommendation algorithm based on item quality and user rating preferences
Y Guan, SM Cai, MS Shang
Frontiers of Computer Science 8 (2), 289-297, 2014
Diffusion entropy analysis on the stride interval fluctuation of human gait
SM Cai, PL Zhou, HJ Yang, T Zhou, BH Wang, FC Zhao
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Hierarchical organization of brain functional networks during visual tasks
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SM Cai, G Yan, T Zhou, PL Zhou, ZQ Fu, BH Wang
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Bounded link prediction in very large networks
W Cui, C Pu, Z Xu, S Cai, J Yang, A Michaelson
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Influence network in the Chinese stock market
YC Gao, Y Zeng, SM Cai
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 2015 (3), P03017, 2015
Critical phenomena of information spreading dynamics on networks with cliques
W Wang, ZX Wang, SM Cai
Physical Review E 98 (5), 052312, 2018
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