Dmitri Golberg
Dmitri Golberg
Professor, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Australia
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Boron nitride nanotubes and nanosheets
D Golberg, Y Bando, Y Huang, T Terao, M Mitome, C Tang, C Zhi
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ZnS nanostructures: from synthesis to applications
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Single‐crystalline ZnS nanobelts as ultraviolet‐light sensors
X Fang, Y Bando, M Liao, UK Gautam, C Zhi, B Dierre, B Liu, T Zhai, ...
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A Vinu, K Ariga, T Mori, T Nakanishi, S Hishita, D Golberg, Y Bando
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N‐Doped Graphene‐SnO2 Sandwich Paper for High‐Performance Lithium‐Ion Batteries
X Wang, X Cao, L Bourgeois, H Guan, S Chen, Y Zhong, DM Tang, H Li, ...
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A comprehensive review of one-dimensional metal-oxide nanostructure photodetectors
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Single-walled B-doped carbon, B/N-doped carbon and BN nanotubes synthesized from single-walled carbon nanotubes through a substitution reaction
D Golberg, Y Bando, W Han, K Kurashima, T Sato
Chemical Physics Letters 308 (3-4), 337-342, 1999
Three-dimensional strutted graphene grown by substrate-free sugar blowing for high-power-density supercapacitors
X Wang, Y Zhang, C Zhi, X Wang, D Tang, Y Xu, Q Weng, X Jiang, ...
Nature communications 4, 2905, 2013
Towards ultrahigh volumetric capacitance: graphene derived highly dense but porous carbons for supercapacitors
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Nano boron nitride flatland
A Pakdel, Y Bando, D Golberg
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Laser‐ablation growth and optical properties of wide and long single‐crystal SnO2 ribbons
JQ Hu, Y Bando, QL Liu, D Golberg
Advanced Functional Materials 13 (6), 493-496, 2003
Octahedral boron nitride fullerenes formed by electron beam irradiation
D Golberg, Y Bando, O Stephan, K Kurashima
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Boron nitride nanotubes
C Zhi, Y Bando, C Tang, D Golberg
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Thickness-dependent photocatalytic performance of ZnO nanoplatelets
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Catalyzed collapse and enhanced hydrogen storage of BN nanotubes
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Chemical Society Reviews 40 (5), 2986-3004, 2011
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