Valeria Menchise
Valeria Menchise
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Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors. Zonisamide is an effective inhibitor of the cytosolic isozyme II and mitochondrial isozyme V: solution and X-ray crystallographic studies
G De Simone, A Di Fiore, V Menchise, C Pedone, J Antel, A Casini, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters 15 (9), 2315-2320, 2005
Insights into peptide nucleic acid (PNA) structural features: The crystal structure of a d-lysine-based chiral PNA–DNA duplex
V Menchise, G De Simone, T Tedeschi, R Corradini, S Sforza, R Marchelli, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 100 (21), 12021-12026, 2003
Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors: stacking with Phe131 determines active site binding region of inhibitors as exemplified by the X-ray crystal structure of a membrane-impermeant …
V Menchise, G De Simone, V Alterio, A Di Fiore, C Pedone, A Scozzafava, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 48 (18), 5721-5727, 2005
The crystal structure of a hyper-thermophilic carboxylesterase from the archaeon Archaeoglobus fulgidus
G De Simone, V Menchise, G Manco, L Mandrich, N Sorrentino, D Lang, ...
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Crystal structure of the wild-type and D30A mutant thioredoxin h of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and implications for the catalytic mechanism
Biochemical Journal 359 (1), 65-75, 2001
Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors: X-ray crystal structure of a benzenesulfonamide strong CA II and CA IX inhibitor bearing a pentafluorophenylaminothioureido tail in complex with …
A Di Fiore, G De Simone, V Menchise, C Pedone, A Casini, A Scozzafava, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters 15 (7), 1937-1942, 2005
A substrate-induced switch in the reaction mechanism of a thermophilic esterase: kinetic evidences and structural basis
G De Simone, L Mandrich, V Menchise, V Giordano, F Febbraio, M Rossi, ...
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Sonosensitive theranostic liposomes for preclinical in vivo MRI-guided visualization of doxorubicin release stimulated by pulsed low intensity non-focused ultrasound
S Rizzitelli, P Giustetto, JC Cutrin, DD Castelli, C Boffa, M Ruzza, ...
Journal of Controlled Release 202, 21-30, 2015
Exofacial protein thiols as a route for the internalization of Gd (III)-based complexes for magnetic resonance imaging cell labeling
G Digilio, V Menchise, E Gianolio, V Catanzaro, C Carrera, R Napolitano, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 53 (13), 4877-4890, 2010
Structural and functional differences between KRIT1A and KRIT1B isoforms: a framework for understanding CCM pathogenesis
F Francalanci, M Avolio, E De Luca, D Longo, V Menchise, P Guazzi, ...
Experimental cell research 315 (2), 285-303, 2009
Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors: X-ray crystallographic studies for the binding of 5-amino-1, 3, 4-thiadiazole-2-sulfonamide and 5-(4-amino-3-chloro-5-fluorophenylsulfonamido)-1 …
V Menchise, G De Simone, A Di Fiore, A Scozzafava, CT Supuran
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters 16 (24), 6204-6208, 2006
Functional and structural features of the oxyanion hole in a thermophilic esterase from Alicyclobacillus acidocaldarius
L Mandrich, V Menchise, V Alterio, G De Simone, C Pedone, M Rossi, ...
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 71 (4), 1721-1731, 2008
Gadolinium-doped LipoCEST agents: A potential novel class of dual 1 H-MRI probes
E Terreno, C Boffa, V Menchise, F Fedeli, C Carrera, DD Castelli, ...
Chemical Communications 47 (16), 4667-4669, 2011
Very late onset in ataxia oculomotor apraxia type I [1](251 views visite)
C Criscuolo, P Mancini, V Menchise, F Sacca, G De Michele, S Banfi, ...
Ann Neurol (ISSN: 0364-5134) 57 (5), 777-777, 2005
A R2p/R1p Ratiometric Procedure to Assess Matrix Metalloproteinase‐2 Activity by Magnetic Resonance Imaging
V Catanzaro, CV Gringeri, V Menchise, S Padovan, C Boffa, W Dastrù, ...
Angewandte Chemie 125 (14), 4018-4022, 2013
TRPV4 mutations in children with congenital distal spinal muscular atrophy
C Fiorillo, F Moro, G Brisca, G Astrea, C Nesti, Z Bálint, A Olschewski, ...
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Conformational restriction through C ↔ C cyclization: Ac12c, the largest cycloaliphatic Cα,α‐ disubstituted glycine known
M Saviano, R Iacovino, V Menchise, E Benedetti, GM Bonora, M Gatos, ...
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Design of weakly basic thrombin inhibitors incorporating novel P1 binding functions: Molecular and X-ray crystallographic studies
G De Simone, V Menchise, S Omaggio, C Pedone, A Scozzafava, ...
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Novel Gd (III)‐based probes for MR molecular imaging of matrix metalloproteinases
CV Gringeri, V Menchise, S Rizzitelli, E Cittadino, V Catanzaro, G Dati, ...
Contrast media & molecular imaging 7 (2), 175-184, 2012
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