Klaus Reichmann
Klaus Reichmann
Dozent für anorganisch-chemische Technologie
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Lone‐pair‐induced covalency as the cause of temperature‐and field‐induced instabilities in bismuth sodium titanate
D Schütz, M Deluca, W Krauss, A Feteira, T Jackson, K Reichmann
Advanced Functional Materials 22 (11), 2285-2294, 2012
Piezoelectric properties and phase transition temperatures of the solid solution of (1− x)(Bi0. 5Na0. 5) TiO3–xSrTiO3
W Krauss, D Schütz, FA Mautner, A Feteira, K Reichmann
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 30 (8), 1827-1832, 2010
Bismuth sodium titanate based materials for piezoelectric actuators
K Reichmann, A Feteira, M Li
Materials 8 (12), 8467-8495, 2015
Characterisation of LaNi1− xCoxO3 as a possible SOFC cathode material
M Hrovat, N Katsarakis, K Reichmann, S Bernik, D Kus̆c̆er, J Holc
Solid State Ionics 83 (1-2), 99-105, 1996
Growth and preferred crystallographic orientation of hexaphenyl thin films
R Resel, N Koch, F Meghdadi, G Leising, W Unzog, K Reichmann
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The effect of acceptor and donor doping on oxygen vacancy concentrations in lead zirconate titanate (PZT)
C Slouka, T Kainz, E Navickas, G Walch, H Hutter, K Reichmann, J Fleig
Materials 9 (11), 945, 2016
Intrinsic energy band alignment of functional oxides
S Li, F Chen, R Schafranek, TJM Bayer, K Rachut, A Fuchs, S Siol, ...
physica status solidi (RRL)–Rapid Research Letters 8 (6), 571-576, 2014
Ferroelectric‐to‐Relaxor Crossover in (1‐x)BaTiO3xBiYbO3 (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.08) Ceramics
T Strathdee, L Luisman, A Feteira, K Reichmann
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 94 (8), 2292-2295, 2011
Influence of orbital contributions to the valence band alignment of Bi 2 O 3, Fe 2 O 3, BiFeO 3, and Bi 0.5 Na 0.5 TiO 3
S Li, J Morasch, A Klein, C Chirila, L Pintilie, L Jia, K Ellmer, M Naderer, ...
Physical Review B 88 (4), 045428, 2013
Structure–property relationships in BaTiO3–BiFeO3–BiYbO3 ceramics
G Schileo, L Luisman, A Feteira, M Deluca, K Reichmann
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 33 (8), 1457-1468, 2013
B-site vacancy induced Raman scattering in BaTiO3-based ferroelectric ceramics
VK Veerapandiyan, S Khosravi, G Canu, A Feteira, V Buscaglia, ...
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 40 (13), 4684-4688, 2020
Synthesis and structural characterization of isothiocyanato-4-methoxypyridine-cobalt (II) complexes with diverse geometries and a bridged 1D coordination polymer showing …
FA Mautner, M Traber, RC Fischer, A Torvisco, K Reichmann, S Speed, ...
Polyhedron 154, 436-442, 2018
Weak-relaxor behaviour in Bi/Yb-doped KNbO3 ceramics
L Luisman, A Feteira, K Reichmann
Applied Physics Letters 99 (19), 2011
BNT-based multilayer device with large and temperature independent strain made by a water-based preparation process
W Krauss, D Schütz, M Naderer, D Orosel, K Reichmann
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 31 (9), 1857-1860, 2011
Solid state synthesis and sintering of solid solutions of BNT–xBKT
T Kainz, M Naderer, D Schütz, O Fruhwirth, FA Mautner, K Reichmann
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 34 (15), 3685-3697, 2014
The influence of Ti-nonstoichiometry in Bi0. 5Na0. 5TiO3
M Naderer, T Kainz, D Schütz, K Reichmann
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NTC ceramics: past, present and future
A Feteira, K Reichmann
Advances in Science and Technology 67, 124-133, 2011
Electric field-induced changes of domain structure and properties in La-doped PZT—From ferroelectrics towards relaxors
M Otonicar, A Reichmann, K Reichmann
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 36 (10), 2495-2504, 2016
Multiferroic and magnetoelectric properties of Pb0. 99 [Zr0. 45Ti0. 47 (Ni1/3Sb2/3) 0.08] O3–CoFe2O4 multilayer composites fabricated by tape casting
G Schileo, C Pascual-Gonzalez, M Alguero, IM Reaney, P Postolache, ...
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 38 (4), 1473-1478, 2018
RGD-functionalization of poly (2-oxazoline)-based networks for enhanced adhesion to cancer cells
V Schenk, E Rossegger, C Ebner, F Bangerl, K Reichmann, B Hoffmann, ...
Polymers 6 (2), 264-279, 2014
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