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Fatty Acid Transduction of Nitric Oxide Signaling multiple nitrated unsaturated fatty acid derivatives exist in human blood and urine and serve as endogenous peroxisome …
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Nitrated fatty acids: endogenous anti-inflammatory signaling mediators
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Reversible post-translational modification of proteins by nitrated fatty acids in vivo
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Fatty acid transduction of nitric oxide signaling Nitrolinoleic acid is a hydrophobically stabilized nitric oxide donor
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Covalent peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ adduction by nitro-fatty acids selective ligand activity and anti-diabetic signaling actions
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Direct measurement of nitric oxide and oxygen partitioning into liposomes and low density lipoprotein
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Time Course and Site(s) of Cytochrome c Tyrosine Nitration by Peroxynitrite
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Interactions of nitric oxide and peroxynitrite with low-density lipoprotein
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Detection and quantification of protein adduction by electrophilic fatty acids: mitochondrial generation of fatty acid nitroalkene derivatives
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Conjugated linoleic acid is a preferential substrate for fatty acid nitration
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Macrophage activation induces formation of the anti-inflammatory lipid cholesteryl-nitrolinoleate
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Nitro-oleic acid, a novel and irreversible inhibitor of xanthine oxidoreductase
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Septic diaphragmatic dysfunction is prevented by Mn (III) porphyrin therapy and inducible nitric oxide synthase inhibition
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Peroxynitrite flux-mediated LDL oxidation is inhibited by manganese porphyrins in the presence of uric acid
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Peroxynitrite-mediated α-tocopherol oxidation in low-density lipoprotein: a mechanistic approach
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Electrophilic fatty acids regulate matrix metalloproteinase activity and expression
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Structural and Molecular Basis of the Peroxynitrite-mediated Nitration and Inactivation of Trypanosoma cruzi Iron-Superoxide Dismutases (Fe-SODs) A and B Disparate …
A Martinez, G Peluffo, AA Petruk, M Hugo, D Piñeyro, V Demicheli, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 289 (18), 12760-12778, 2014
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