Ferry Prins
Ferry Prins
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Room‐Temperature Electrical Addressing of a Bistable Spin‐Crossover Molecular System
F Prins, M Monrabal‐Capilla, EA Osorio, E Coronado, HSJ van der Zant
Advanced Materials 23 (13), 1545-1549, 2011
Room-temperature gating of molecular junctions using few-layer graphene nanogap electrodes
F Prins, A Barreiro, JW Ruitenberg, JS Seldenthuis, N Aliaga-Alcalde, ...
Nano letters 11 (11), 4607-4611, 2011
Monodisperse, Air-Stable PbS Nanocrystals via Precursor Stoichiometry Control
MC Weidman, ME Beck, RS Hoffman, F Prins, WA Tisdale
ACS nano 8 (6), 6363-6371, 2014
Reduced Dielectric Screening and Enhanced Energy Transfer in Single-and Few-Layer MoS2
F Prins, AJ Goodman, WA Tisdale
Nano letters 14 (11), 6087-6091, 2014
An intrinsic growth instability in isotropic materials leads to quasi-two-dimensional nanoplatelets
A Riedinger, FD Ott, A Mule, S Mazzotti, PN Knüsel, SJP Kress, F Prins, ...
Nature materials 16 (7), 743-748, 2017
Subdiffusive exciton transport in quantum dot solids
GM Akselrod, F Prins, LV Poulikakos, EMY Lee, MC Weidman, AJ Mork, ...
Nano letters 14 (6), 3556-3562, 2014
Wedge waveguides and resonators for quantum plasmonics
SJP Kress, FV Antolinez, P Richner, SV Jayanti, DK Kim, F Prins, ...
Nano letters 15 (9), 6267-6275, 2015
Long‐Range Magnetic Ordering in a TbIII–MoV Cyanido‐Bridged Quasi‐One‐Dimensional Complex
F Prins, E Pasca, LJ de Jongh, H Kooijman, AL Spek, S Tanase
Angewandte Chemie 119 (32), 6193-6196, 2007
Room-temperature stability of Pt nanogaps formed by self-breaking
F Prins, T Hayashi, BJA De Vos van Steenwijk, B Gao, EA Osorio, ...
Applied Physics Letters 94 (12), 123108, 2009
Counterion Effect on the Spin-Transition Properties of the Cation [Fe (btzx) 3] 2+(btzx= m-Xylylenebis (tetrazole))
M Quesada, F Prins, E Bill, H Kooijman, P Gamez, O Roubeau, AL Spek, ...
Chemistry-A European Journal 14 (28), pp. 8486-8499, 2008
Magnitude of the Förster Radius in Colloidal Quantum Dot Solids
AJ Mork, MC Weidman, F Prins, WA Tisdale
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (25), 13920-13928, 2014
Highly efficient, dual state emission from an organic semiconductor
S Reineke, N Seidler, SR Yost, F Prins, WA Tisdale, MA Baldo
Applied Physics Letters 103 (9), 093302, 2013
Fast and efficient photodetection in nanoscale quantum-dot junctions
F Prins, M Buscema, JS Seldenthuis, S Etaki, G Buchs, M Barkelid, ...
Nano letters 12 (11), 5740-5743, 2012
An all-electric single-molecule motor
JS Seldenthuis, F Prins, JM Thijssen, HSJ van der Zant
ACS nano 4 (11), 6681-6686, 2010
Colloidal-Quantum-Dot Ring Lasers with Active Color Control
B le Feber, F Prins, E De Leo, FT Rabouw, DJ Norris
Nano letters 18 (2), 1028-1034, 2018
Direct Patterning of Colloidal Quantum-Dot Thin Films for Enhanced and Spectrally Selective Out-Coupling of Emission
F Prins, DK Kim, J Cui, E De Leo, LL Spiegel, KM McPeak, DJ Norris
Nano letters 17 (3), 1319-1325, 2017
Influence of the Chemical Structure on the Stability and Conductance of Porphyrin Single‐Molecule Junctions
ML Perrin, F Prins, CA Martin, AJ Shaikh, R Eelkema, JH van Esch, ...
Angewandte Chemie 123 (47), 11419-11422, 2011
Charge transport in a zinc–porphyrin single-molecule junction
ML Perrin, CA Martin, F Prins, AJ Shaikh, R Eelkema, JH van Esch, ...
Beilstein journal of nanotechnology 2 (1), 714-719, 2011
Characterization of Nanometer-Spaced Few-Layer Graphene Electrodes
E Burzurí, F Prins, HSJ van der Zant
Graphene 1, 26, 2012
In situ transmission electron microscopy imaging of grain growth in a platinum nanobridge induced by electric current annealing
B Gao, M Rudneva, KS McGarrity, Q Xu, F Prins, JM Thijssen, ...
Nanotechnology 22 (20), 205705, 2011
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