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Brian Neyenhuis
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A high phase-space-density gas of polar molecules
KK Ni, S Ospelkaus, MHG De Miranda, A Pe'Er, B Neyenhuis, JJ Zirbel, ...
science 322 (5899), 231-235, 2008
Quantum-state controlled chemical reactions of ultracold potassium-rubidium molecules
S Ospelkaus, KK Ni, D Wang, MHG De Miranda, B Neyenhuis, ...
Science 327 (5967), 853-857, 2010
Dipolar collisions of polar molecules in the quantum regime
KK Ni, S Ospelkaus, D Wang, G Quéméner, B Neyenhuis, ...
Nature 464 (7293), 1324-1328, 2010
Many-body localization in a quantum simulator with programmable random disorder
J Smith, A Lee, P Richerme, B Neyenhuis, PW Hess, P Hauke, M Heyl, ...
Nature Physics 12 (10), 907-911, 2016
Controlling the quantum stereodynamics of ultracold bimolecular reactions
MHG De Miranda, A Chotia, B Neyenhuis, D Wang, G Quéméner, ...
Nature Physics 7 (6), 502-507, 2011
Efficient state transfer in an ultracold dense gas of heteronuclear molecules
S Ospelkaus, A Pe’Er, KK Ni, JJ Zirbel, B Neyenhuis, S Kotochigova, ...
Nature Physics 4 (8), 622-626, 2008
Controlling the hyperfine state of rovibronic ground-state polar molecules
S Ospelkaus, KK Ni, G Quéméner, B Neyenhuis, D Wang, ...
Physical review letters 104 (3), 030402, 2010
Long-lived dipolar molecules and Feshbach molecules in a 3D optical lattice
A Chotia, B Neyenhuis, SA Moses, B Yan, JP Covey, M Foss-Feig, ...
Physical review letters 108 (8), 080405, 2012
Ultracold polar molecules near quantum degeneracy
S Ospelkaus, KK Ni, MHG De Miranda, B Neyenhuis, D Wang, ...
Faraday Discussions 142, 351-359, 2009
Anisotropic Polarizability of Ultracold Polar Molecules
B Neyenhuis, B Yan, SA Moses, JP Covey, A Chotia, A Petrov, ...
Physical review letters 109 (23), 230403, 2012
Observation of prethermalization in long-range interacting spin chains
B Neyenhuis, J Zhang, PW Hess, J Smith, AC Lee, P Richerme, ZX Gong, ...
Science advances 3 (8), e1700672, 2017
Ultrafast spin-motion entanglement and interferometry with a single atom
J Mizrahi, C Senko, B Neyenhuis, KG Johnson, WC Campbell, ...
Physical review letters 110 (20), 203001, 2013
Active stabilization of ion trap radiofrequency potentials
KG Johnson, JD Wong-Campos, A Restelli, KA Landsman, B Neyenhuis, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 87 (5), 053110, 2016
Direct absorption imaging of ultracold polar molecules
D Wang, B Neyenhuis, MHG de Miranda, KK Ni, S Ospelkaus, DS Jin, ...
Physical Review A 81 (6), 061404, 2010
Quantum control of qubits and atomic motion using ultrafast laser pulses
J Mizrahi, B Neyenhuis, KG Johnson, WC Campbell, C Senko, D Hayes, ...
Applied Physics B 114 (1), 45-61, 2014
Ultrafast creation of large Schrödinger cat states of an atom
KG Johnson, JD Wong-Campos, B Neyenhuis, J Mizrahi, C Monroe
Nature communications 8 (1), 1-7, 2017
Testing nonclassical theories of electromagnetism with ion interferometry
B Neyenhuis, D Christensen, DS Durfee
Physical review letters 99 (20), 200401, 2007
High-resolution adaptive imaging of a single atom
JD Wong-Campos, KG Johnson, B Neyenhuis, J Mizrahi, C Monroe
Nature Photonics 10 (9), 606-610, 2016
Non-thermalization in trapped atomic ion spin chains
PW Hess, P Becker, HB Kaplan, A Kyprianidis, AC Lee, B Neyenhuis, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical …, 2017
Engineering large Stark shifts for control of individual clock state qubits
AC Lee, J Smith, P Richerme, B Neyenhuis, PW Hess, J Zhang, C Monroe
Physical Review A 94 (4), 042308, 2016
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