John T. Gaskins
John T. Gaskins
Principal Scientist, University of Virginia
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The effects of post-fabrication annealing on the mechanical properties of freestanding nanoporous gold structures
E Seker, JT Gaskins, H Bart-Smith, J Zhu, ML Reed, G Zangari, R Kelly, ...
Acta Materialia 55 (14), 4593-4602, 2007
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R Cheaito, JT Gaskins, ME Caplan, BF Donovan, BM Foley, A Giri, ...
Physical Review B 91 (3), 035432, 2015
Efficiently suppressed thermal conductivity in ZnO thin films via periodic introduction of organic layers
T Tynell, A Giri, J Gaskins, PE Hopkins, P Mele, K Miyazaki, M Karppinen
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Size effects on the thermal conductivity of amorphous silicon thin films
JL Braun, CH Baker, A Giri, M Elahi, K Artyushkova, TE Beechem, ...
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Density dependence of the room temperature thermal conductivity of atomic layer deposition-grown amorphous alumina (Al2O3)
CS Gorham, JT Gaskins, GN Parsons, MD Losego, PE Hopkins
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Mechanisms of nonequilibrium electron-phonon coupling and thermal conductance at interfaces
A Giri, JT Gaskins, BF Donovan, C Szwejkowski, RJ Warzoha, ...
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Size dictated thermal conductivity of GaN
TE Beechem, AE McDonald, EJ Fuller, AA Talin, CM Rost, JP Maria, ...
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Evolutionary optimization of material properties of a tropical seed
PW Lucas, JT Gaskins, TK Lowrey, ME Harrison, HC Morrogh-Bernard, ...
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 9 (66), 34-42, 2012
Ion irradiation of the native oxide/silicon surface increases the thermal boundary conductance across aluminum/silicon interfaces
CS Gorham, K Hattar, R Cheaito, JC Duda, JT Gaskins, TE Beechem, ...
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A Giri, JP Niemelä, T Tynell, JT Gaskins, BF Donovan, M Karppinen, ...
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The effects of annealing prior to dealloying on the mechanical properties of nanoporous gold microbeams
E Seker, JT Gaskins, H Bart-Smith, J Zhu, ML Reed, G Zangari, R Kelly, ...
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Experimental evidence of excited electron number density and temperature effects on electron-phonon coupling in gold films
A Giri, JT Gaskins, BM Foley, R Cheaito, PE Hopkins
Journal of Applied Physics 117 (4), 044305, 2015
Investigation and review of the thermal, mechanical, electrical, optical, and structural properties of atomic layer deposited high-k dielectrics: Beryllium oxide, aluminum …
JT Gaskins, PE Hopkins, DR Merrill, SR Bauers, E Hadland, DC Johnson, ...
ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology 6 (10), N189, 2017
Thermal boundary conductance across metal-gallium nitride interfaces from 80 to 450 K
BF Donovan, CJ Szwejkowski, JC Duda, R Cheaito, JT Gaskins, ...
Applied Physics Letters 105 (20), 203502, 2014
Thermal boundary conductance across heteroepitaxial ZnO/GaN interfaces: Assessment of the phonon gas model
JT Gaskins, G Kotsonis, A Giri, S Ju, A Rohskopf, Y Wang, T Bai, E Sachet, ...
Nano letters 18 (12), 7469-7477, 2018
Thermal conductivity and thermal boundary resistance of atomic layer deposited high-k dielectric aluminum oxide, hafnium oxide, and titanium oxide thin films on …
EA Scott, JT Gaskins, SW King, PE Hopkins
APL Materials 6 (5), 058302, 2018
Thermal conductance across phosphonic acid molecules and interfaces: ballistic versus diffusive vibrational transport in molecular monolayers
JT Gaskins, A Bulusu, AJ Giordano, JC Duda, S Graham, PE Hopkins
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (36), 20931-20939, 2015
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A Giri, SW King, WA Lanford, AB Mei, D Merrill, L Li, R Oviedo, J Richards, ...
Advanced Materials 30 (44), 1804097, 2018
Density and size effects on the thermal conductivity of atomic layer deposited TiO2 and Al2O3 thin films
ME DeCoster, KE Meyer, BD Piercy, JT Gaskins, BF Donovan, A Giri, ...
Thin Solid Films 650, 71-77, 2018
Thermal flux limited electron Kapitza conductance in copper-niobium multilayers
R Cheaito, K Hattar, JT Gaskins, AK Yadav, JC Duda, TE Beechem, ...
Applied Physics Letters 106 (9), 093114, 2015
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