francesco difato
francesco difato
Researcher, Italian Institute Technologies, Genova, Italy
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Properties of the force exerted by filopodia and lamellipodia and the involvement of cytoskeletal components
D Cojoc, F Difato, E Ferrari, RB Shahapure, J Laishram, M Righi, ...
PloS one 2 (10), e1072, 2007
Mouse polyomavirus enters early endosomes, requires their acidic pH for productive infection, and meets transferrin cargo in Rab11-positive endosomes
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The formation of actin waves during regeneration after axonal lesion is enhanced by BDNF
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HDAC6 and RhoA are novel players in Abeta-driven disruption of neuronal polarity
H Tsushima, M Emanuele, A Polenghi, A Esposito, M Vassalli, A Barberis, ...
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Long-term optical stimulation of channelrhodopsin-expressing neurons to study network plasticity
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A microchannel device tailored to laser axotomy and long-term microelectrode array electrophysiology of functional regeneration
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