Caterina Soldano
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Production, properties and potential of graphene
C Soldano, A Mahmood, E Dujardin
Carbon 48 (8), 2127-2150, 2010
Multifunctional composites using reinforced laminae with carbon-nanotube forests
VP Veedu, A Cao, X Li, K Ma, C Soldano, S Kar, PM Ajayan, ...
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Inkjet printing of electrically conductive patterns of carbon nanotubes
K Kords, T Mustonen, G Tth, H Jantunen, M Lajunen, C Soldano, ...
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Aligned carbon nanotube− polymer hybrid architectures for diverse flexible electronic applications
YJ Jung, S Kar, S Talapatra, C Soldano, G Viswanathan, X Li, Z Yao, ...
Nano letters 6 (3), 413-418, 2006
Hybrid Carbon Nanotubes–TiO2 Photoanodes for High Efficiency Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
KT Dembele, GS Selopal, C Soldano, R Nechache, JC Rimada, I Concina, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (28), 14510-14517, 2013
Charge-injection-induced dynamic screening and origin of hysteresis in field-modulated transport in single-wall carbon nanotubes
A Vijayaraghavan, S Kar, C Soldano, S Talapatra, O Nalamasu, ...
Applied Physics Letters 89 (16), 162108, 2006
Quantitative analysis of hysteresis in carbon nanotube field-effect devices
S Kar, A Vijayaraghavan, C Soldano, S Talapatra, R Vajtai, O Nalamasu, ...
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Densified aligned carbon nanotube films via vapor phase infiltration of carbon
X Li, L Ci, S Kar, C Soldano, SJ Kilpatrick, PM Ajayan
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Metal‐Filled Carbon Nanotubes as a Novel Class of Photothermal Nanomaterials
F Rossella, C Soldano, V Bellani, M Tommasini
Advanced Materials 24 (18), 2453-2458, 2012
Hybrid metal-based carbon nanotubes: Novel platform for multifunctional applications
C Soldano
Progress in Materials Science 69, 183-212, 2015
Metal Oxides Mono‐Dimensional Nanostructures for Gas Sensing and Light Emission
C Soldano, E Comini, C Baratto, M Ferroni, G Faglia, G Sberveglieri
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 95 (3), 831-850, 2012
One-dimensional nanostructured oxides for thermoelectric applications and excitonic solar cells
A Vomiero, I Concina, E Comini, C Soldano, M Ferroni, G Faglia, ...
Nano Energy 1 (3), 372-390, 2012
Cobalt nanocluster-filled carbon nanotube arrays: Engineered photonic bandgap and optical reflectivity
C Soldano, F Rossella, V Bellani, S Giudicatti, S Kar
ACS nano 4 (11), 6573-6578, 2010
Detection of nanoscale magnetic activity using a single carbon nanotube
C Soldano, S Kar, S Talapatra, S Nayak, PM Ajayan
Nano letters 8 (12), 4498-4505, 2008
Effect of ambient pressure on resistance and resistance fluctuations in single-wall carbon nanotube devices
A Vijayaraghavan, S Kar, S Rumyantsev, A Khanna, C Soldano, N Pala, ...
Journal of applied physics 100 (2), 024315, 2006
Carbon nanotubes and graphene nanoribbons: Potentials for nanoscale electrical interconnects
C Soldano, S Talapatra, S Kar
Electronics 2 (3), 280-314, 2013
Integration of ZnO and CuO nanowires into a thermoelectric module
D Zappa, S Dalola, G Faglia, E Comini, M Ferroni, C Soldano, V Ferrari, ...
Beilstein journal of nanotechnology 5 (1), 927-936, 2014
ITO-free organic light-emitting transistors with graphene gate electrode
C Soldano, A Stefani, V Biondo, L Basiricò, G Turatti, G Generali, ...
ACS Photonics 1 (10), 1082-1088, 2014
Highly Efficient Red Organic Light-Emitting Transistors (OLETs) on High-k Dielectric
C Soldano, R D’Alpaos, G Generali
ACS Photonics 4 (4), 800-805, 2017
Conducting organic–metallic composite submicrometer rods based on Ionic liquids
A Kumar, S Murugesan, V Pushparaj, J Xie, C Soldano, G John, ...
Small 3 (3), 429-433, 2007
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