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Heat treatment inhibits mango chilling injury
TG McCollum, S D'Aquino, RE McDonald
HortScience 28 (3), 197-198, 1993
Non-destructive estimation of mandarin maturity status through portable VIS-NIR spectrophotometer
F Antonucci, F Pallottino, G Paglia, A Palma, S D’Aquino, P Menesatti
Food and Bioprocess Technology 4 (5), 809-813, 2011
Control of postharvest diseases of fruit by heat and fungicides: efficacy, residue levels, and residue persistence. A review
M Schirra, S D’Aquino, P Cabras, A Angioni
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 59 (16), 8531-8542, 2011
Influence of film wrapping and fludioxonil application on quality of pomegranate fruit
S D’Aquino, A Palma, M Schirra, A Continella, E Tribulato, S La Malfa
Postharvest Biology and Technology 55 (2), 121-128, 2010
Influence of storage temperature on shelf-life of minimally processed cactus pear fruits
A Piga, S D'Aquino, M Agabbio, G Emonti, GA Farris
LWT-Food Science and Technology 33 (1), 15-20, 2000
Residue level, persistence, and storage performance of citrus fruit treated with fludioxonil
M Schirra, S D'Aquino, A Palma, S Marceddu, A Angioni, P Cabras, ...
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 53 (17), 6718-6724, 2005
Influence of postharvest hot water treatment on nutritional and functional properties of kumquat (Fortunella japonica Lour. Swingle Cv. Ovale) fruit
M Schirra, A Palma, S D’Aquino, A Angioni, EV Minello, M Melis, ...
Journal of Agricultural and food chemistry 56 (2), 455-460, 2007
Design of biodegradable bio-based equilibrium modified atmosphere packaging (EMAP) for fresh fruits and vegetables by using micro-perforated poly-lactic acid (PLA) films
A Mistriotis, D Briassoulis, A Giannoulis, S D’Aquino
Postharvest Biology and technology 111, 380-389, 2016
Residue levels and effectiveness of pyrimethanil vs imazalil when using heated postharvest dip treatments for control of Penicillium decay on citrus fruit
S D'Aquino, M Schirra, A Palma, A Angioni, P Cabras, Q Migheli
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 54 (13), 4721-4726, 2006
Film wrapping delays ageing ofMinneola'tangelos under shelf-life conditions
S D'Aquino, A Piga, M Agabbio, TG McCollum
Postharvest Biology and Technology 14 (1), 107-116, 1998
Influence of film wrapping and UV irradiation on cactus pear quality after storage
A Piga, G D'hallewin, S D'Aquino, M Agabbio
Packaging Technology and Science: An International Journal 10 (1), 59-68, 1997
Hot dips and high temperature conditioning to improve shelf quality of late-crop cactus pear fruit (Opuntia ficus-indica L. Mill.)
M Schirra, G Barbera, S D'Aquino, T La Mantia, R Mcdonald
John Wiley & Sons Inc/New Jersey, 1996
Postharvest heat conditioning effects on early ripeningGialla'cactus pear fruit
M Schirra, M Agabbio, S D'Aquino, TG McCollum
HortScience 32 (4), 702-704, 1997
Factors affecting the synergy of thiabendazole, sodium bicarbonate, and heat to control postharvest green mold of citrus fruit
M Schirra, S D’aquino, A Palma, A Angioni, P Cabras
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 56 (22), 10793-10798, 2008
Effects of kaolin-based particle film to control Ceratitis capitata (Diptera: Tephritidae) infestations and postharvest decay in citrus and stone fruit
S D’Aquino, A Cocco, S Ortu, M Schirra
Crop Protection 30 (8), 1079-1086, 2011
Influence of modified atmosphere packaging on postharvest quality of cherry tomatoes held at 20 C
S D’Aquino, A Mistriotis, D Briassoulis, ML Di Lorenzo, M Malinconico, ...
Postharvest Biology and Technology 115, 103-112, 2016
Quality and physiological changes of film packaged ‘Malvasio’mandarins during long term storage
S D'Aquino, M Angioni, S Schirru, M Agabbio
LWT-Food Science and Technology 34 (4), 206-214, 2001
Chemical properties changes in pomegranate seeds packaged in polypropylene trays
A Palma, M Schirra, S D'Aquino, S La Malfa, G Continella
I International Symposium on Pomegranate and Minor Mediterranean Fruits 818…, 2006
Residue levels and efficacy of fludioxonil and thiabendazole in controlling postharvest green mold decay in citrus fruit when applied in combination with sodium bicarbonate
S D’Aquino, A Palma, A Angioni, M Schirra
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 61 (2), 296-306, 2013
Cold quarantine responses of ‘Tarocco’oranges to short hot water and thiabendazole postharvest dip treatments
A Palma, S D’Aquino, S Vanadia, A Angioni, M Schirra
Postharvest biology and technology 78, 24-33, 2013
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