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Heat treatment inhibits mango chilling injury
TG McCollum, S D'Aquino, RE McDonald
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Non-destructive estimation of mandarin maturity status through portable VIS-NIR spectrophotometer
F Antonucci, F Pallottino, G Paglia, A Palma, S D’Aquino, P Menesatti
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Influence of postharvest hot water treatment on nutritional and functional properties of kumquat (Fortunella japonica Lour. Swingle Cv. Ovale) fruit
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Design of biodegradable bio-based equilibrium modified atmosphere packaging (EMAP) for fresh fruits and vegetables by using micro-perforated poly-lactic acid (PLA) films
A Mistriotis, D Briassoulis, A Giannoulis, S D’Aquino
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Residue levels and effectiveness of pyrimethanil vs imazalil when using heated postharvest dip treatments for control of Penicillium decay on citrus fruit
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Film wrapping delays ageing ofMinneola'tangelos under shelf-life conditions
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Postharvest heat conditioning effects on early ripeningGialla'cactus pear fruit
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Effects of kaolin-based particle film to control Ceratitis capitata (Diptera: Tephritidae) infestations and postharvest decay in citrus and stone fruit
S D’Aquino, A Cocco, S Ortu, M Schirra
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Chemical properties changes in pomegranate seeds packaged in polypropylene trays
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Combined effects of potassium sorbate, hot water and thiabendazole against green mould of citrus fruit and residue levels
S D’Aquino, A Fadda, A Barberis, A Palma, A Angioni, M Schirra
Food chemistry 141 (2), 858-864, 2013
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