Livia Giotta
Livia Giotta
Researcher of Physical Chemistry, DISTEBA, University of Salento, Lecce, Italy
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Heavy metal ion influence on the photosynthetic growth of Rhodobacter sphaeroides
L Giotta, A Agostiano, F Italiano, F Milano, M Trotta
Chemosphere 62 (9), 1490-1499, 2006
Poly (alkoxyphenylene− thienylene) Langmuir− Schńfer thin films for advanced performance transistors
MC Tanese, GM Farinola, B Pignataro, L Valli, L Giotta, S Conoci, P Lang, ...
Chemistry of materials 18 (3), 778-784, 2006
Response of the carotenoidless mutant Rhodobacter sphaeroides growing cells to cobalt and nickel exposure
F Italiano, A Buccolieri, L Giotta, A Agostiano, L Valli, F Milano, M Trotta
International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 63 (7), 948-957, 2009
Testing the photosynthetic bacterium Rhodobacter sphaeroides as heavy metal removal tool
A Buccolieri, F Italiano, A Dell'Atti, G Buccolieri, L Giotta, A Agostiano, ...
Annali di Chimica: Journal of Analytical, Environmental and Culturalá…, 2006
Evaluation of Possible Contamination Sources in the 14C Analysis of Bone Samples by FTIR Spectroscopy
M D'Elia, G Gianfrate, G Quarta, L Giotta, G Giancane, L Calcagnile
Radiocarbon 49 (2), 201-210, 2007
α-Cyclodextrin functionalized CdS nanocrystals for fabrication of 2/3 D assemblies
N Depalo, R Comparelli, M Striccoli, ML Curri, P Fini, L Giotta, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 110 (35), 17388-17399, 2006
Redox-induced transitions in bovine cytochrome bc 1 complex studied by perfusion-induced ATR-FTIR spectroscopy
M Iwaki, L Giotta, AO Akinsiku, H Schńgger, N Fisher, J Breton, PR Rich
Biochemistry 42 (38), 11109-11119, 2003
Influence of Saharan dust outbreaks and carbon content on oxidative potential of water-soluble fractions of PM2. 5 and PM10
D Chirizzi, D Cesari, MR Guascito, A Dinoi, L Giotta, A Donateo, D Contini
Atmospheric environment 163, 1-8, 2017
Photosynthetic machineries in nano-systems
L Nagy, M Magyar, T Szabo, K Hajdu, L Giotta, M Dorogi, F Milano
Current Protein and Peptide Science 15 (4), 363-373, 2014
Functionalization of gold screen printed electrodes with bacterial photosynthetic reaction centers by laser printing technology for mediatorless herbicide biosensing
M Chatzipetrou, F Milano, L Giotta, D Chirizzi, M Trotta, M Massaouti, ...
Electrochemistry Communications 64, 46-50, 2016
Qualitative application based on IR spectroscopy for bone sample quality control in radiocarbon dating
G Gianfrate, M D’Elia, G Quarta, L Giotta, L Valli, L Calcagnile
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beamá…, 2007
Bioconjugation of hydrogen-bonded organic semiconductors with functional proteins
ED Głowacki, RR Tangorra, H Coskun, D Farka, A Operamolla, Y Kanbur, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 3 (25), 6554-6564, 2015
Reversible binding of metal ions onto bacterial layers revealed by protonation-induced ATR-FTIR difference spectroscopy
L Giotta, D Mastrogiacomo, F Italiano, F Milano, A Agostiano, K Nagy, ...
Langmuir 27 (7), 3762-3773, 2011
Ethane-Bridged Zinc Porphyrin Dimers in Langmuir− Shńfer Thin Films: Structural and Spectroscopic Properties
L Valli, S Casilli, L Giotta, B Pignataro, S Conoci, VV Borovkov, Y Inoue, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 110 (10), 4691-4698, 2006
Spin coating cellulose derivatives on quartz crystal microbalance plates to obtain hydrogel‐based fast sensors and actuators
A Sannino, S Pappada, L Giotta, L Valli, A Maffezzoli
Journal of applied polymer science 106 (5), 3040-3050, 2007
pH-sensitive fluorescent dye as probe for proton uptake in photosynthetic reaction centers
A Agostiano, F Mavelli, F Milano, L Giotta, M Trotta, L Nagy, P Maroti
Bioelectrochemistry 63 (1-2), 125-128, 2004
Functional enzymes in nonaqueous environment: the case of photosynthetic reaction centers in deep eutectic solvents
F Milano, L Giotta, MR Guascito, A Agostiano, S Sblendorio, L Valli, ...
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 5 (9), 7768-7776, 2017
Development and characterization of a novel bioactive polymer with antibacterial and lysozyme‐like activity
MR Guascito, D Chirizzi, C Malitesta, L Giotta, D Mastrogiacomo, L Valli, ...
Biopolymers 101 (5), 461-470, 2014
Efficient stabilization of natural curcuminoids mediated by oil body encapsulation
S Bettini, D Vergara, S Bonsegna, L Giotta, C Toto, M Chieppa, M Maffia, ...
RSC advances 3 (16), 5422-5429, 2013
The binding of quinone to the photosynthetic reaction centers: kinetics and thermodynamics of reactions occurring at the QB-site in zwitterionic and anionic liposomes
F Mavelli, M Trotta, F Ciriaco, A Agostiano, L Giotta, F Italiano, F Milano
European Biophysics Journal 43 (6-7), 301-315, 2014
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