Luigi Musco
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Taxonomic structure and the effectiveness of surrogates in environmental monitoring: a lesson from polychaetes
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Distribution and functional traits of polychaetes in a CO2 vent system: winners and losers among closely related species
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Chemical and structural defensive external strategies in six sabellid worms (Annelida)
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I sillidi (Annelida, Polychaeta) del litorale brindisino: possibilità di un loro impiego come indicatori di qualità dell\'ambiente
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L Musco
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Mediterranean bioconstructions along the Italian coast
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Concern about the spread of the invader seaweed Caulerpa taxifolia var. distichophylla (Chlorophyta: Caulerpales) to the Western Mediterranean
L Musco, F Andaloro, B Mikac, S Mirto, T Vega Fernandez, F Badalamenti
Mediterranean Marine Science 15 (3), 532-538, 2014
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