Carmen Berbegal
Carmen Berbegal
University of Valencia
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Requirement of the Lactobacillus casei MaeKR two-component system for L-malic acid utilization via a malic enzyme pathway
JM Landete, L Garca-Haro, A Blasco, P Manzanares, C Berbegal, ...
Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 76 (1), 84-95, 2010
Technological properties of Lactobacillus plantarum strains isolated from grape must fermentation
C Berbegal, N Pea, P Russo, F Grieco, I Pardo, S Ferrer, G Spano, ...
Food microbiology 57, 187-194, 2016
Microbial resources and enological significance: Opportunities and benefits
L Petruzzi, V Capozzi, C Berbegal, MR Corbo, A Bevilacqua, G Spano, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 8, 995, 2017
Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Oenococcus oeni immobilized in different layers of a cellulose/starch gel composite for simultaneous alcoholic and malolactic wine fermentations
I Servetas, C Berbegal, N Camacho, A Bekatorou, S Ferrer, P Nigam, ...
Process Biochemistry 48 (9), 1279-1284, 2013
Spontaneous food fermentations and potential risks for human health
V Capozzi, M Fragasso, R Romaniello, C Berbegal, P Russo, G Spano
Fermentation 3 (4), 49, 2017
Microbial resources and innovation in the wine production sector
C Berbegal, G Spano, M Tristezza, F Grieco, V Capozzi
South African Journal of Enology and Viticulture 38 (2), 156-166, 2017
Starter cultures for sparkling wine
C Garofalo, MP Arena, B Laddomada, MS Cappello, G Bleve, F Grieco, ...
Fermentation 2 (4), 21, 2016
Lowering histamine formation in a red Ribera del Duero wine (Spain) by using an indigenous O. oeni strain as a malolactic starter
C Berbegal, Y Benavent-Gil, E Navascus, A Calvo, C Albors, I Pardo, ...
International journal of food microbiology 244, 11-18, 2017
The use of core‐shell high‐performance liquid chromatography column technology to improve biogenic amine quantification in wine
C Berbegal, I Pardo, S Ferrer
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 96 (5), 1556-1561, 2016
Starter cultures as biocontrol strategy to prevent Brettanomyces bruxellensis proliferation in wine
C Berbegal, G Spano, M Fragasso, F Grieco, P Russo, V Capozzi
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 102 (2), 569-576, 2018
A new fear in wine: Isolation of Staphylococcus epidermidis histamine producer
Y Benavent-Gil, C Berbegal, O Lucio, I Pardo, S Ferrer
Food Control 62, 142-149, 2016
Use of autochthonous yeasts and bacteria in order to control Brettanomyces bruxellensis in wine
C Berbegal, C Garofalo, P Russo, S Pati, V Capozzi, G Spano
Fermentation 3 (4), 65, 2017
A novel culture medium for Oenococcus oeni malolactic starter production
C Berbegal, Y Benavent-Gil, I Pardo, S Ferrer
LWT-Food Science and Technology 64 (1), 25-31, 2015
Non-Saccharomyces Commercial Starter Cultures: Scientific Trends, Recent Patents and Innovation in the Wine Sector.
L Roudil, P Russo, C Berbegal, W Albertin, G Spano, V Capozzi
Recent patents on food, nutrition & agriculture, 2019
Selection of indigenous yeast strains for the production of sparkling wines from native Apulian grape varieties
C Garofalo, C Berbegal, F Grieco, M Tufariello, G Spano, V Capozzi
International journal of food microbiology 285, 7-17, 2018
Novel liquid starter cultures for malolactic fermentation in wine
C Berbegal
Ph D Thesis, Valencia University (Spain), 2014
Impact of co-inoculation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Hanseniaspora uvarum and Oenococcus oeni autochthonous strains in controlled multi starter grape must fermentations
V Capozzi, C Berbegal, M Tufariello, F Grieco, G Spano
LWT 109, 241-249, 2019
A metagenomic-based approach for the characterization of bacterial diversity associated with spontaneous malolactic fermentations in wine
C Berbegal, L Borruso, M Fragasso, M Tufariello, P Russo, L Brusetti, ...
International journal of molecular sciences 20 (16), 3980, 2019
Immobilisation of yeasts on oak chips or cellulose powder for use in bottle-fermented sparkling wine
C Berbegal, L Polo, MJ Garca-Esparza, V Lizama, S Ferrer, I Pardo
Food microbiology 78, 25-37, 2019
Pesticide Residues and Stuck Fermentation in Wine: New Evidences Indicate the Urgent Need of Tailored Regulations
P Russo, C Berbegal, C De Ceglie, F Grieco, G Spano, V Capozzi
Fermentation 5 (1), 23, 2019
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