Mika Huuhtanen
Mika Huuhtanen
Environmental and Chemical Engineering, University of Oulu
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The effect of NO2 on the activity of fresh and aged zeolite catalysts in the NH3-SCR reaction
K Rahkamaa-Tolonen, T Maunula, M Lomma, M Huuhtanen, RL Keiski
Catalysis Today 100 (3-4), 217-222, 2005
Nitrogen-doped anatase nanofibers decorated with noble metal nanoparticles for photocatalytic production of hydrogen
MC Wu, J Hiltunen, A Sápi, A Avila, W Larsson, HC Liao, M Huuhtanen, ...
Acs Nano 5 (6), 5025-5030, 2011
Enhanced photocatalytic activity of TiO 2 nanofibers and their flexible composite films: Decomposition of organic dyes and efficient H 2 generation from ethanol-water mixtures
MC Wu, A Sápi, A Avila, M Szabó, J Hiltunen, M Huuhtanen, G Tóth, ...
Nano Research 4 (4), 360-369, 2011
Production of activated carbon from cocoa (Theobroma cacao) pod husk
G Cruz, M Pirilä, M Huuhtanen, L Carrión, E Alvarenga, RL Keiski
J Civil Environment Engg 2 (1-6), 2, 2012
Three-dimensional carbon nanotube scaffolds as particulate filters and catalyst support membranes
N Halonen, A Rautio, AR Leino, T Kyllonen, G Toth, J Lappalainen, ...
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Hydrogen production from bio-ethanol steam reforming reaction in a Pd/PSS membrane reactor
PK Seelam, S Liguori, A Iulianelli, P Pinacci, V Calabrò, M Huuhtanen, ...
Catalysis today 193 (1), 42-48, 2012
Photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants in wastewater
M Pirilä, M Saouabe, S Ojala, B Rathnayake, F Drault, A Valtanen, ...
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The activity of Pt/Al2O3 diesel oxidation catalyst after sulphur and calcium treatments
T Kolli, T Kanerva, M Huuhtanen, M Vippola, K Kallinen, T Kinnunen, ...
Catalysis Today 154 (3-4), 303-307, 2010
CNT-based catalysts for H2 production by ethanol reforming
PK Seelam, M Huuhtanen, A Sápi, M Szabó, K Kordás, E Turpeinen, ...
International journal of hydrogen energy 35 (22), 12588-12595, 2010
The Effect of Sulphur on the Activity of Pd/Al 2 O 3, Pd/CeO 2 and Pd/ZrO 2 Diesel Exhaust Gas Catalysts
T Kolli, M Huuhtanen, A Hallikainen, K Kallinen, RL Keiski
Catalysis letters 127 (1), 49-54, 2009
Selective catalytic reduction of NOx by hydrogen (H2-SCR) on WOx-promoted CezZr1-zO2 solids
A Väliheikki, KC Petallidou, CM Kalamaras, T Kolli, M Huuhtanen, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 156, 72-83, 2014
In situ FTIR study on NO reduction by C3H6 over Pd-based catalysts
M Huuhtanen, T Kolli, T Maunula, RL Keiski
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Structural characteristics of natural-gas-vehicle-aged oxidation catalyst
M Honkanen, M Kärkkäinen, V Viitanen, H Jiang, K Kallinen, ...
Topics in Catalysis 56 (9-10), 576-585, 2013
Ethylene oxide formation in a microreactor: from qualitative kinetics to detailed modeling
JRH Carucci, V Halonen, K Eränen, J Wärnå, S Ojala, M Huuhtanen, ...
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 49 (21), 10897-10907, 2010
Synthesis and activity measurement of the some bifunctional platinum loaded Beta zeolite catalysts for n-heptane hydroisomerization
G Talebi, M Sohrabi, SJ Royaee, RL Keiski, M Huuhtanen, ...
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 14 (5), 614-621, 2008
Particle and NOx emissions of a non-road diesel engine with an SCR unit: The effect of fuel
M Pietikäinen, A Väliheikki, K Oravisjärvi, T Kolli, M Huuhtanen, S Niemi, ...
Renewable energy 77, 377-385, 2015
Regeneration of sulfur-poisoned Pd-based catalyst for natural gas oxidation
M Honkanen, J Wang, M Kärkkäinen, M Huuhtanen, H Jiang, K Kallinen, ...
Journal of catalysis 358, 253-265, 2018
Accelerated deactivation studies of the natural-gas oxidation catalyst—Verifying the role of sulfur and elevated temperature in catalyst aging
M Honkanen, M Kärkkäinen, T Kolli, O Heikkinen, V Viitanen, L Zeng, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 182, 439-448, 2016
Alkaline modified oil shale fly ash: Optimal synthesis conditions and preliminary tests on CO2 adsorption
J Reinik, I Heinmaa, U Kirso, T Kallaste, J Ritamäki, D Boström, ...
Journal of hazardous materials 196, 180-186, 2011
Room temperature chemical deposition of palladium nanoparticles in anodic aluminium oxide templates
K Kordás, G Tóth, J Levoska, M Huuhtanen, R Keiski, M Härkönen, ...
Nanotechnology 17 (5), 1459, 2006
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