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Beta amyloid aggregation inhibitors: small molecules as candidate drugs for therapy of Alzheimer's disease
F Re, C Airoldi, C Zona, M Masserini, BL Ferla, N Quattrocchi, F Nicotra
Current medicinal chemistry 17 (27), 2990-3006, 2010
Versatile and efficient targeting using a single nanoparticulate platform: application to cancer and Alzheimer’s disease
B Le Droumaguet, J Nicolas, D Brambilla, S Mura, A Maksimenko, ...
ACS nano 6 (7), 5866-5879, 2012
Pyrrolo [2, 1-c][1, 4] benzodiazepine as a scaffold for the design and synthesis of anti-tumour drugs
L Cipolla, AC Ara˙jo, C Airoldi, D Bini
Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry (Formerly Current Medicinalá…, 2009
From cancer metabolism to new biomarkers and drug targets
F Chiaradonna, RM Moresco, C Airoldi, D Gaglio, R Palorini, F Nicotra, ...
Biotechnology advances 30 (1), 30-51, 2012
Natural Compounds against Alzheimer’s Disease: Molecular Recognition of Aβ1–42 Peptide by Salvia sclareoides Extract and its Major Component, Rosmarinicá…
C Airoldi, E Sironi, C Dias, F Marcelo, A Martins, AP Rauter, F Nicotra, ...
Chemistry–An Asian Journal 8 (3), 596-602, 2013
Natural glycoconjugates with antitumor activity
B La Ferla, C Airoldi, C Zona, A Orsato, F Cardona, S Merlo, E Sironi, ...
Natural product reports 28 (3), 630-648, 2011
Glycoconjugates in cancer therapy
L Cipolla, F Peri, C Airoldi
Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry (Formerly Current Medicinalá…, 2008
Tetracycline prevents Aβ oligomer toxicity through an atypical supramolecular interaction
C Airoldi, L Colombo, C Manzoni, E Sironi, A Natalello, SM Doglia, ...
Organic & biomolecular chemistry 9 (2), 463-472, 2011
Antimicrobial peptides: insights into membrane permeabilization, lipopolysaccharide fragmentation and application in plant disease control
A Datta, A Ghosh, C Airoldi, P Sperandeo, KH Mroue, J JimÚnez-Barbero, ...
Scientific reports 5, 11951, 2015
Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Sugar‐Derived Ras Inhibitors
F Peri, C Airoldi, S Colombo, E Martegani, AS van Neuren, M Stein, ...
Chembiochem 6 (10), 1839-1848, 2005
Carbohydrate mimetics and scaffolds: sweet spots in medicinal chemistry
L Cipolla, B La Ferla, C Airoldi, C Zona, A Orsato, N Shaikh, L Russo, ...
Future medicinal chemistry 2 (4), 587-599, 2010
Curcumin derivatives as new ligands of Aβ peptides
C Airoldi, C Zona, E Sironi, L Colombo, M Messa, D Aurilia, M Gregori, ...
Journal of biotechnology 156 (4), 317-324, 2011
The molecular assembly of amyloid Aβ controls its neurotoxicity and binding to cellular proteins
C Manzoni, L Colombo, P Bigini, V Diana, A Cagnotto, M Messa, M Lupi, ...
PloS one 6 (9), 2011
Anti-Cancer Agents Med
L Cipolla, F Peri, C Airoldi
Chem 8, 92-121, 2008
Synthesis and biological evaluation of a small library of nojirimycin-derived bicyclic iminosugars
L Cipolla, MR Fernandes, M Gregori, C Airoldi, F Nicotra
Carbohydrate research 342 (12-13), 1813-1830, 2007
The Kdo biosynthetic pathway toward OM biogenesis as target in antibacterial drug design and development
L Cipolla, A Polissi, C Airoldi, P Galliani, P Sperandeo, F Nicotra
Current drug discovery technologies 6 (1), 19-33, 2009
Protein kinase A activation promotes cancer cell resistance to glucose starvation and anoikis
R Palorini, G Votta, Y Pirola, H De Vitto, S De Palma, C Airoldi, M Vasso, ...
PLoS genetics 12 (3), 2016
cis-Glyco-fused benzopyran compounds as new amyloid-β peptide ligands
C Airoldi, F Cardona, E Sironi, L Colombo, M Salmona, A Silva, F Nicotra, ...
Chemical Communications 47 (37), 10266-10268, 2011
Selective cytotoxicity of a bicyclic Ras inhibitor in cancer cells expressing K-RasG13D
A Palmioli, E Sacco, C Airoldi, F Di Nicolantonio, A D’Urzo, S Shirasawa, ...
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 386 (4), 593-597, 2009
New targets for antibacterial design: Kdo biosynthesis and LPS machinery transport to the cell surface
L Cipolla, A Polissi, C Airoldi, L Gabrielli, S Merlo, F Nicotra
Current medicinal chemistry 18 (6), 830-852, 2011
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