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Melinda Mohl
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Low-temperature large-scale synthesis and electrical testing of ultralong copper nanowires
M Mohl, P Pusztai, A Kukovecz, Z Konya, J Kukkola, K Kordas, R Vajtai, ...
Langmuir 26 (21), 16496-16502, 2010
Formation of CuPd and CuPt bimetallic nanotubes by galvanic replacement reaction
M Mohl, D Dobo, A Kukovecz, Z Konya, K Kordas, J Wei, R Vajtai, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (19), 9403-9409, 2011
Synthesis of catalytic porous metallic nanorods by galvanic exchange reaction
M Mohl, A Kumar, ALM Reddy, A Kukovecz, Z Konya, I Kiricsi, R Vajtai, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114 (1), 389-393, 2010
Room temperature hydrogen sensors based on metal decorated WO3 nanowires
J Kukkola, M Mohl, AR Leino, J Mklin, N Halonen, A Shchukarev, ...
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 186, 90-95, 2013
Inkjet-printed gas sensors: metal decorated WO 3 nanoparticles and their gas sensing properties
J Kukkola, M Mohl, AR Leino, G Tth, MC Wu, A Shchukarev, A Popov, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (34), 17878-17886, 2012
Self-assembled large scale metal alloy grid patterns as flexible transparent conductive layers
M Mohl, A Dombovari, R Vajtai, PM Ajayan, K Kordas
Scientific reports 5 (1), 1-8, 2015
Ultrasensitive H 2 S gas sensors based on p-type WS 2 hybrid materials
GA Asres, JJ Baldov, A Dombovari, T Jrvinen, GS Lorite, M Mohl, ...
Nano Research 11 (8), 4215-4224, 2018
Photocatalytic reduction of CO 2 with H 2 O over modified TiO 2 nanofibers: Understanding the reduction pathway
A Sarkar, E Gracia-Espino, T Wgberg, A Shchukarev, M Mohl, AR Rautio, ...
Nano Research 9 (7), 1956-1968, 2016
Layered titanate nanostructures: perspectives for industrial exploitation
K Kords, M Mohl, Z Knya, Kukovecz
Translational Materials Research 2 (1), 015003, 2015
Trifluoroacetylazobenzene for optical and electrochemical detection of amines
JF Lin, J Kukkola, T Sipola, D Raut, A Samikannu, JP Mikkola, M Mohl, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3 (8), 4687-4694, 2015
Industrially benign super-compressible piezoresistive carbon foams with predefined wetting properties: from environmental to electrical applications
TN Pham, A Samikannu, J Kukkola, AR Rautio, O Pitknen, A Dombovari, ...
Scientific reports 4 (1), 1-8, 2014
In situ synthesis of catalytic metal nanoparticle-PDMS membranes by thermal decomposition process
A Goyal, M Mohl, A Kumar, R Puskas, A Kukovecz, Z Konya, I Kiricsi, ...
Composites science and technology 71 (2), 129-133, 2011
Low-temperature catalytic oxidation of multi-walled carbon nanotubes
AR Leino, M Mohl, J Kukkola, P Mki-Arvela, T Kokkonen, A Shchukarev, ...
Carbon 57, 99-107, 2013
Electric double-layer capacitors based on multiwalled carbon nanotubes: can nanostructuring of the nanotubes enhance performance?
AR Rautio, O Pitkänen, T Järvinen, A Samikannu, N Halonen, M Mohl, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (7), 3538-3544, 2015
Titania nanofibers in gypsum composites: an antibacterial and cytotoxicology study
M Mohl, A Dombovari, ES Tuchina, PO Petrov, OA Bibikova, I Skovorodkin, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2 (10), 1307-1316, 2014
Continuous production of the renewable ρ-cymene from α-pinene
M Golets, S Ajaikumar, M Mohln, J Wrn, S Rakesh, JP Mikkola
Journal of catalysis 307, 305-315, 2013
A novel WS 2 nanowire-nanoflake hybrid material synthesized from WO 3 nanowires in sulfur vapor
GA Asres, A Dombovari, T Sipola, R Pusks, A Kukovecz, Z Knya, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-7, 2016
Photocatalytic activity of nitrogen-doped TiO 2-based nanowires: a photo-assisted Kelvin probe force microscopy study
MC Wu, HC Liao, YC Cho, CP Hsu, TH Lin, WF Su, A Spi, A Kukovecz, ...
Journal of nanoparticle research 16 (1), 1-11, 2014
Increasing chemical selectivity of carbon nanotube-based sensors by fluctuation-enhanced sensing
D Molnar, P Heszler, R Mingesz, Z Gingl, A Kukovecz, Z Konya, H Haspel, ...
Fluctuation and Noise Letters 9 (03), 277-287, 2010
Morphology and N2 Permeability of Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotube—Teflon Membranes
R Smajda, A Kukovecz, B Hopp, M Mohl, Z Knya, I Kiricsi
Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology 7 (4-5), 1604-1610, 2007
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