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Antonio Profico
PalaeoHub, Department of Archaeology - University of York
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Neandertal introgression sheds light on modern human endocranial globularity
P Gunz, AK Tilot, K Wittfeld, A Teumer, CY Shapland, TGM Van Erp, ...
Current Biology 29 (1), 120-127. e5, 2019
Filling the gap. Human cranial remains from Gombore II (Melka Kunture, Ethiopia; ca. 850 ka) and the origin of Homo heidelbergensis
A Profico, F Di Vincenzo, L Gagliardi, M Piperno, G Manzi
Journal of Anthropological Sciences 94, 1-24, 2016
The Neanderthal in the karst: first dating, morphometric, and paleogenetic data on the fossil skeleton from Altamura (Italy)
M Lari, F Di Vincenzo, A Borsato, S Ghirotto, M Micheli, C Balsamo, ...
Journal of human evolution 82, 88-94, 2015
Retrodeformation of fossil specimens based on 3D bilateral semi-landmarks: Implementation in the R package “Morpho”
S Schlager, A Profico, F Di Vincenzo, G Manzi
PloS one 13 (3), e0194073, 2018
Digging adaptation in insectivorous subterranean eutherians. The enigma of Mesoscalops montanensis unveiled by geometric morphometrics and finite element …
P Piras, G Sansalone, L Teresi, M Moscato, A Profico, R Eng, TC Cox, ...
Journal of Morphology 276 (10), 1157-1171, 2015
Reproducing the internal and external anatomy of fossil bones: Two new automatic digital tools
A Profico, S Schlager, V Valoriani, C Buzi, M Melchionna, A Veneziano, ...
American Journal of Physical Anthropology 166 (4), 979-986, 2018
Surface smoothing, decimation, and their effects on 3D biological specimens
A Veneziano, F Landi, A Profico
American journal of physical anthropology 166 (2), 473-480, 2018
Digital reconstruction of the Ceprano calvarium (Italy), and implications for its interpretation
F Di Vincenzo, A Profico, F Bernardini, V Cerroni, D Dreossi, S Schlager, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-11, 2017
The evolution of cranial base and face in Cercopithecoidea and Hominoidea: Modularity and morphological integration
A Profico, P Piras, C Buzi, F Di Vincenzo, F Lattarini, M Melchionna, ...
American journal of primatology 79 (12), e22721, 2017
Virtual Anthropology and its Application in Cultural Heritage Studies
P Antonio, B Luca, B Costantino, M Ileana, S Flavia, T Mary Anne, ...
Studies in Conservation, 2018
Dietary resilience among hunter-gatherers of Tierra del Fuego: Isotopic evidence in a diachronic perspective
MA Tafuri, AFJ Zangrando, A Tessone, S Kochi, J Moggi Cecchi, ...
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A new, fast method to search for morphological convergence with shape data
S Castiglione, C Serio, D Tamagnini, M Melchionna, A Mondanaro, ...
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Macroevolutionary trends of brain mass in Primates
M Melchionna, A Mondanaro, C Serio, S Castiglione, M Di Febbraro, ...
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 129 (1), 14-25, 2020
Simultaneous detection of macroevolutionary patterns in phenotypic means and rate of change with and within phylogenetic trees including extinct species
S Castiglione, C Serio, A Mondanaro, M Di Febbraro, A Profico, G Girardi, ...
PloS one 14 (1), e0210101, 2019
Arothron: R Functions for Geometric Morphometrics Analyses
A Profico, V Alessio
10.5281/zenodo.28194, 2015
Unexpectedly rapid evolution of mandibular shape in hominins
P Raia, M Boggioni, F Carotenuto, S Castiglione, M Di Febbraro, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 1-8, 2018
Survival to amputation in pre-antibiotic era: a case study from a Longobard necropolis (6th-8th centuries AD)
I Micarelli, R Paine, C Giostra, MA Tafuri, A Profico, M Boggioni, ...
Journal of Anthropological Sciences 96, 1-16, 2018
MicroWeaR: A new R package for dental microwear analysis
F Strani, A Profico, G Manzi, D Pushkina, P Raia, R Sardella, D DeMiguel
Ecology and Evolution, 2018
A lynx natural brain endocast from Ingarano (Southern Italy; Late Pleistocene): Taphonomic, Morphometric and Phylogenetic approaches.
DA Iurino, A Profico, M Cherin, A Veneziano, L Costeur, R Sardella
Hystrix 26 (2), 2015
Past extinctions of Homo species coincided with increased vulnerability to climatic change
P Raia, A Mondanaro, M Melchionna, M Di Febbraro, JAF Diniz-Filho, ...
One Earth 3 (4), 480-490, 2020
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