Elham Nourani
Elham Nourani
Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior and University of Konstanz
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Spatial risk model and mitigation implications for wolf–human conflict in a highly modified agroecosystem in western Iran
N Behdarvand, M Kaboli, M Ahmadi, E Nourani, AS Mahini, ...
Biological Conservation 177, 156-164, 2014
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M Yousefi, M Ahmadi, E Nourani, R Behrooz, M Rajabizadeh, P Geniez, ...
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Captive management and reproductive biology of latifi's Viper (Montivipera latifii)(Squamata: Viperidae) at Razi Institute and Tehran university in Iran
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Male Alborz red sheep (Ovis gmelini× O. vignei) migration corridors selection from summer to fall habitats in Jajroud Protected Area Complex, Iran
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