Robert S. Markiewicz
Robert S. Markiewicz
Professor of Physics, Northeastern University
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A survey of the Van Hove scenario for high-Tc superconductivity with special emphasis on pseudogaps and striped phases
RS Markiewicz
Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 58 (8), 1179-1310, 1997
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RS Markiewicz
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RS Markiewicz, LA Harris
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H Lin, S Sahrakorpi, RS Markiewicz, A Bansil
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RS Markiewicz
International Journal of Modern Physics B 5 (12), 2037-2071, 1991
Correlation of Tc with structure in the density of states in the new high-Tc superconductors
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RS Markiewicz, JP Wolfe, CD Jeffries
Physical Review B 15 (4), 1988, 1977
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