Ludwig J. Gauckler
Ludwig J. Gauckler
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Processing routes to macroporous ceramics: a review
AR Studart, UT Gonzenbach, E Tervoort, LJ Gauckler
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 89 (6), 1771-1789, 2006
Five-year clinical results of zirconia frameworks for posterior fixed partial dentures
I Sailer, A Feher, F Filser, LJ Gauckler, H Luthy, CHF Hammerle
International Journal of Prosthodontics 20 (4), 383, 2007
Bioinspired design and assembly of platelet reinforced polymer films
LJ Bonderer, AR Studart, LJ Gauckler
Science 319 (5866), 1069-1073, 2008
Fabrication of thin electrolytes for second-generation solid oxide fuel cells
J Will, A Mitterdorfer, C Kleinlogel, D Perednis, LJ Gauckler
Solid State Ionics 131 (1-2), 79-96, 2000
Stability of the perovskite phase LaBO3 (B= V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni) in reducing atmosphere I. Experimental results
T Nakamura, G Petzow, LJ Gauckler
Materials Research Bulletin 14 (5), 649-659, 1979
Ultrastable particle‐stabilized foams
UT Gonzenbach, AR Studart, E Tervoort, LJ Gauckler
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 45 (21), 3526-3530, 2006
Thin film deposition using spray pyrolysis
D Perednis, LJ Gauckler
Journal of electroceramics 14 (2), 103-111, 2005
La2Zr2O7 formation and oxygen reduction kinetics of the La0. 85Sr0. 15MnyO3, O2 (g)| YSZ system
A Mitterdorfer, LJ Gauckler
Solid State Ionics 111 (3-4), 185-218, 1998
Prospective clinical study of zirconia posterior fixed partial dentures: 3-year follow-up
I Sailer, A Feher, F Filser, H Luthy, LJ Gauckler, P Scharer, ...
Citric acid—a dispersant for aqueous alumina suspensions
PC Hidber, TJ Graule, LJ Gauckler
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 79 (7), 1857-1867, 1996
Review on microfabricated micro-solid oxide fuel cell membranes
A Evans, A Bieberle-Htter, JLM Rupp, LJ Gauckler
Journal of Power Sources 194 (1), 119-129, 2009
Structural and material approaches to bone tissue engineering in powder-based three-dimensional printing
A Butscher, M Bohner, S Hofmann, L Gauckler, R Mller
Acta biomaterialia 7 (3), 907-920, 2011
The electrochemistry of Ni pattern anodes used as solid oxide fuel cell model electrodes
A Bieberle, LP Meier, LJ Gauckler
Journal of the electrochemical society 148 (6), A646-A656, 2001
Reliability and strength of all-ceramic dental restorations fabricated by direct ceramic machining (DCM)
F Filser, P Kocher, F Weibel, H Luthy, P Scharer, LJ Gauckler
International journal of computerized dentistry 4 (2), 89-106, 2001
Thin films for micro solid oxide fuel cells
D Beckel, A Bieberle-Htter, A Harvey, A Infortuna, UP Muecke, M Prestat, ...
Journal of Power Sources 173 (1), 325-345, 2007
Sintering and properties of nanosized ceria solid solutions
C Kleinlogel, LJ Gauckler
Solid State Ionics 135 (1-4), 567-573, 2000
Vanadium oxide nanotubes—a new flexible vanadate nanophase
HJ Muhr, F Krumeich, UP Schnholzer, F Bieri, M Niederberger, ...
Advanced Materials 12 (3), 231-234, 2000
Stabilization of foams with inorganic colloidal particles
UT Gonzenbach, AR Studart, E Tervoort, LJ Gauckler
Langmuir 22 (26), 10983-10988, 2006
Adsorption of polyelectrolytes and its influence on the rheology, zeta potential, and microstructure of various cement and hydrate phases
A Zingg, F Winnefeld, L Holzer, J Pakusch, S Becker, L Gauckler
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 323 (2), 301-312, 2008
Bovine Serum Albumin Adsorption onto Colloidal Al2O3 Particles:  A New Model Based on Zeta Potential and UV−Vis Measurements
K Rezwan, LP Meier, M Rezwan, J Vrs, M Textor, LJ Gauckler
Langmuir 20 (23), 10055-10061, 2004
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