Martin Bohmann
Martin Bohmann
IQOQI Vienna
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Uncovering quantum correlations with time-multiplexed click detection
J Sperling, M Bohmann, W Vogel, G Harder, B Brecht, V Ansari, ...
Physical review letters 115 (2), 023601, 2015
Gaussian entanglement in the turbulent atmosphere
M Bohmann, AA Semenov, J Sperling, W Vogel
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Entanglement and phase properties of noisy NOON states
M Bohmann, J Sperling, W Vogel
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Direct calibration of click-counting detectors
M Bohmann, R Kruse, J Sperling, C Silberhorn, W Vogel
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Probing free-space quantum channels with laboratory-based experiments
M Bohmann, R Kruse, J Sperling, C Silberhorn, W Vogel
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Incomplete detection of nonclassical phase-space distributions
M Bohmann, J Tiedau, T Bartley, J Sperling, C Silberhorn, W Vogel
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Higher-order nonclassical effects in fluctuating-loss channels
M Bohmann, J Sperling, AA Semenov, W Vogel
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Entanglement verification of noisy NOON states
M Bohmann, J Sperling, W Vogel
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Quantum teleportation through atmospheric channels
K Hofmann, AA Semenov, W Vogel, M Bohmann
Physica Scripta 94 (12), 125104, 2019
Detection-device-independent verification of nonclassical light
M Bohmann, L Qi, W Vogel, M Chekhova
Physical Review Research 1 (3), 033178, 2019
Verifying bound entanglement of dephased Werner states
P Thomas, M Bohmann, W Vogel
Physical Review A 96 (4), 042321, 2017
A neural-network approach for identifying nonclassicality from click-counting data
V Gebhart, M Bohmann
arXiv preprint arXiv:2003.01605, 2020
Phase-space inequalities beyond negativities
M Bohmann, E Agudelo
Physical Review Letters 124 (13), 133601, 2020
Probing nonclassicality with matrices of phase-space distributions
M Bohmann, E Agudelo, J Sperling
arXiv preprint arXiv:2003.11031, 2020
Conditional nonclassical field generation in cavity QED
K Weiher, E Agudelo, M Bohmann
Physical Review A 100 (4), 043812, 2019
Quasiprobability Representation for Quantum Correlations and Measurements
J Sperling, E Meyer-Scott, J Tiedau, M Bohmann, S Barkhofen, B Brecht, ...
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Nonclassicality and Bell nonlocality in atmospheric links
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Click-Counting Detection of Quantum Correlated Light
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Atmospheric Quantum Channels for Nonclassical and Entangled Light
M Bohmann, J Sperling, A Semenov, W Vogel
Quantum Information and Measurement, QT6A. 22, 2017
Quantum Light: Noisy Channels and Incomplete Detection
M Bohmann
Universitšt, 2017
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