Simona Bussotti
Simona Bussotti
PhD, University of Nice, CoNISMa, France
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Italian marine reserve effectiveness: does enforcement matter?
P Guidetti, M Milazzo, S Bussotti, A Molinari, M Murenu, A Pais, N Spano, ...
Biological Conservation 141 (3), 699-709, 2008
Evaluating effects of total and partial restrictions to fishing on Mediterranean rocky-reef fish assemblages
A Di Franco, S Bussotti, A Navone, P Panzalis, P Guidetti
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Spatial and temporal variability of sessile benthos in shallow Mediterranean marine caves
S Bussotti, A Terlizzi, S Fraschetti, G Belmonte, F Boero
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Conservation of Mediterranean seascapes: analyses of existing protection schemes
S Fraschetti, A Terlizzi, S Bussotti, G Guarnieri, P D'Ambrosio, F Boero
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Fish fauna of a mixed meadow composed by the seagrasses Cymodocea nodosa and Zostera noltii in the Western Mediterranean
P Guidetti, S Bussotti
Oceanologica Acta 23 (7), 759-770, 2000
Evaluating the effects of protection on fish predators and sea urchins in shallow artificial rocky habitats: a case study in the northern Adriatic Sea
P Guidetti, S Bussotti, F Boero
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Composition, abundance and stratification of soft-bottom macrobenthos from selected areas of the Ross Sea shelf (Antarctica)
MC Gambi, S Bussotti
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M Vacchi, S Bussotti, P Guidetti, G La Mesa
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Design of marine protected areas in a human-dominated seascape
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Assessing the potential of an artisanal fishing co-management in the Marine Protected Area of Torre Guaceto (southern Adriatic Sea, SE Italy)
P Guidetti, S Bussotti, F Pizzolante, A Ciccolella
Fisheries Research 101 (3), 180-187, 2010
Effects of seagrass canopy removal on fish in shallow Mediterranean seagrass (Cymodoceanodosa and Zosteranoltii) meadows: a local-scale approach
P Guidetti, S Bussotti
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From biodiversity and ecosystem functioning to the roots of ecological complexity
F Boero, G Belmonte, S Bussotti, G Fanelli, S Fraschetti, A Giangrande, ...
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Do Mediterranean fish assemblages associated with marine caves and rocky cliffs differ?
S Bussotti, P Guidetti
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 81 (1), 65-73, 2009
Invertebrate borers in Posidonia oceanica scales: relationship between their distribution and lepidochronological parameters
P Guidetti, S Bussotti, MC Gambi, M Lorenti
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Differences in escape response of fish in protected and fished Mediterranean rocky reefs
P Guidetti, E Vierucci, S Bussotti
Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 88 (3 …, 2008
Fish assemblages in shallow marine caves of the Salento Peninsula (Southern Apulia, SE Italy)
S Bussotti, F Denitto, P Guidetti, G Belmonte
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Some interesting species in the coastal fish fauna of Ustica Island (Mediterranean Sea)
M Vacchi, M Boyer, S BUSSOTTI, P Guidetti, G La Mesa
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Timing and habitat preferences for settlement of juvenile fishes in the Marine Protected Area of Torre Guaceto (south-eastern Italy, Adriatic Sea)
S Bussotti, P Guidetti
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P GUIDETTI, S Bussotti
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Distribution patterns of the cardinal fish, Apogon imberbis, in shallow marine caves in southern Apulia (SE Italy)
S Bussotti, P Guidetti, G Belmonte
Italian Journal of Zoology 70 (2), 153-157, 2003
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