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Effect of antioxidant inclusion and oil quality on broiler performance, meat quality, and lipid oxidation
MA Tavárez, DD Boler, KN Bess, J Zhao, F Yan, AC Dilger, FK McKeith, ...
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Pathogens of interest to the pork industry: a review of research on interventions to assure food safety
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The effect of pH on shelf-life of pork during aging and simulated retail display
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Effect of fat quality on sausage processing, texture, and sensory characteristics
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Effects of slaughter time post-second injection on carcass cutting yields and bacon characteristics of immunologically castrated male pigs
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Ultimate pH explains variation in pork quality traits
DD Boler, AC Dilger, BS Bidner, SN Carr, JM Eggert, JW Day, M Ellis, ...
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Fructose decreases physical activity and increases body fat without affecting hippocampal neurogenesis and learning relative to an isocaloric glucose diet
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Muscle gene expression associated with increased marbling in beef cattle
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Effects of feeding ractopamine hydrochloride (Paylean) to physical and immunological castrates (Improvest) in a commercial setting on carcass cutting yields and loin quality
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Effects of immunological castration and distiller's dried grains with solubles on carcass cutability and commercial bacon slicing yields of barrows slaughtered at two time points
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Journal of animal science 92 (7), 3149-3160, 2014
Effects of salt purity on lipid oxidation, sensory characteristics, and textural properties of fresh, ground pork patties
MF Overholt, S Mancini, HO Galloway, G Preziuso, AC Dilger, DD Boler
LWT-Food Science and Technology 65, 890-896, 2016
Effect of feeding ractopamine hydrochloride (Optaflexx) with or without supplemental zinc and chromium propionate on growth performance, carcass characteristics, and meat …
BM Bohrer, BM Edenburn, DD Boler, AC Dilger, TL Felix
Journal of animal science 92 (9), 3988-3996, 2014
Contribution of lean, fat, muscle color and degree of doneness to pork and beef species flavor
AJ Myers, SM Scramlin, AC Dilger, CM Souza, FK McKeith, J Killefer
Meat science 82 (1), 59-63, 2009
Increased prenatal IGF2 expression due to the porcine IGF2 intron3-G3072A mutation may be responsible for increased muscle mass
DL Clark, DI Clark, JE Beever, AC Dilger
Journal of animal science 93 (5), 2546-2558, 2015
Effects of pelleting diets without or with distillers' dried grains with solubles on growth performance, carcass characteristics, and gastrointestinal weights of growing …
MF Overholt, JE Lowell, EK Arkfeld, IM Grossman, HH Stein, AC Dilger, ...
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Fresh meat quality and further processing characteristics of shoulders from finishing pigs fed ractopamine hydrochloride (Paylean)
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Journal of Animal Science 90 (13), 5122-5134, 2012
Characterization of variability in pork carcass composition and primal quality,,
EK Arkfeld, DA Mohrhauser, DA King, TL Wheeler, AC Dilger, ...
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Texture, lipid oxidation and sensory characteristics of ground pork patties prepared with commercially available salts
KN Bess, DD Boler, MA Tavárez, HK Johnson, FK McKeith, J Killefer, ...
LWT-Food Science and Technology 50 (2), 408-413, 2013
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