Fabiano Bernardi
Fabiano Bernardi
Professor of Physics, UFRGS
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Structural, electronic, and magnetic properties of tetragonal Mn 3− x Ga: Experiments and first-principles calculations
J Winterlik, B Balke, GH Fecher, C Felser, MCM Alves, F Bernardi, ...
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Pt-mediated reversible reduction and expansion of CeO2 in Pt nanoparticle/mesoporous CeO2 catalyst: In situ X-ray spectroscopy and diffraction studies under redox (H2 and O2 …
S Alayoglu, K An, G Melaet, S Chen, F Bernardi, LW Wang, AE Lindeman, ...
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Large resistivity change and phase transition in the antiferromagnetic semiconductors LiMnAs and LaOMnAs
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On the crystallization of Ta 2 O 5 nanotubes: structural and local atomic properties investigated by EXAFS and XRD
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Monitoring of Pt Nanoparticle Formation by H2 Reduction of PtO2: An in Situ Dispersive X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Study
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F Bernardi, MCM Alves, CW Scheeren, J Dupont, J Morais
Journal of electron spectroscopy and related phenomena 156, 186-190, 2007
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