Stefano Crespi
Stefano Crespi
Assistant Professor, University of Uppsala
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Heteroaryl azo dyes as molecular photoswitches
S Crespi, NA Simeth, B König
Nature Reviews Chemistry 3 (3), 133-146, 2019
Generation of Alkyl Radicals: From the Tyranny of Tin to the Photon Democracy
S Crespi, M Fagnoni
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F Xu, L Pfeifer, S Crespi, FKC Leung, MCA Stuart, SJ Wezenberg, ...
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Site‐Selective, Remote sp3 C−H Carboxylation Enabled by the Merger of Photoredox and Nickel Catalysis
B Sahoo, P Bellotti, F Juliá‐Hernández, QY Meng, S Crespi, B König, ...
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Y Liu, Q Zhang, S Crespi, S Chen, XK Zhang, TY Xu, CS Ma, SW Zhou, ...
Angewandte Chemie 133 (29), 16265-16274, 2021
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Dynamic Control of a Multistate Chiral Supramolecular Polymer in Water
F Xu, S Crespi, G Pacella, Y Fu, MCA Stuart, Q Zhang, G Portale, ...
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A light-fuelled nanoratchet shifts a coupled chemical equilibrium
M Kathan, S Crespi, NO Thiel, DL Stares, D Morsa, J de Boer, G Pacella, ...
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Identifying Amidyl Radicals for Intermolecular C–H Functionalizations
MM Tierney, S Crespi, D Ravelli, EJ Alexanian
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Cooperative light-induced breathing of soft porous crystals via azobenzene buckling
S Krause, JD Evans, V Bon, S Crespi, W Danowski, WR Browne, ...
Nature Communications 13 (1), 1951, 2022
Selectivity in the Photo-Fries Rearrangement of Some Aryl Benzoates in Green and Sustainable Media. Preparative and Mechanistic Studies
G Siano, S Crespi, M Mella, SM Bonesi
The Journal of organic chemistry 84 (7), 4338-4352, 2019
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Y Zhang, Z Chang, H Zhao, S Crespi, BL Feringa, D Zhao
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Effect of charge-transfer enhancement on the efficiency and rotary mechanism of an oxindole-based molecular motor
DRS Pooler, R Pierron, S Crespi, R Costil, L Pfeifer, J Léonard, M Olivucci, ...
Chemical science 12 (21), 7486-7497, 2021
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