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Shade‐induced reduction of stem nonstructural carbohydrates increases xylem vulnerability to embolism and impedes hydraulic recovery in Populus nigra
M Tomasella, V Casolo, S Natale, F Petruzzellis, W Kofler, B Beikircher, ...
New Phytologist 231 (1), 108-121, 2021
Water ‘on the rocks’: a summer drink for thirsty trees?
A Nardini, F Petruzzellis, D Marusig, M Tomasella, S Natale, A Altobelli, ...
New Phytologist 229 (1), 199-212, 2021
A leaf selfie: using a smartphone to quantify leaf vulnerability to hydraulic dysfunction
F Petruzzellis, M Tomasella, A Miotto, S Natale, P Trifilò, A Nardini
Plants 9 (2), 234, 2020
Turgor loss point and vulnerability to xylem embolism predict species‐specific risk of drought‐induced decline of urban trees
F Petruzzellis, E Tordoni, A Di Bonaventura, M Tomasella, S Natale, ...
Plant Biology 24 (7), 1198-1207, 2022
High spatial heterogeneity of water stress levels in Refošk grapevines cultivated in Classical Karst
F Petruzzellis, S Natale, L Bariviera, A Calderan, A Mihelčič, J Reščič, ...
Agricultural water management 260, 107288, 2022
No Evidence for Light-Induced Embolism Repair in Cut Stems of Drought-Resistant Mediterranean Species under Soaking
M Tomasella, S Natale, F Petruzzellis, S Di Bert, L D’Amico, G Tromba, ...
Plants 11 (3), 307, 2022
Cultivation of Gongolaria barbata (Fucales, Phaeophyceae) with a seaweed-derived biostimulant in order to improve photophysiological fitness and promote fertility …
S Kaleb, R Sánchez de Pedro, E Bañares-España, A Alboresi, ...
Journal of Applied Phycology, 1-14, 2023
Stem Photosynthesis Affects Hydraulic Resilience in the Deciduous Populus alba but Not in the Evergreen Laurus nobilis
P Trifilò, S Natale, S Gargiulo, E Abate, V Casolo, A Nardini
Water 13 (20), 2911, 2021
Structure and function of bark and wood chloroplasts in a drought-tolerant tree (Fraxinus ornus L.)
S Natale, N La Rocca, M Battistuzzi, T Morosinotto, A Nardini, A Alboresi
Tree Physiology, tpad013, 2023
Stem photosynthesis contributes to non-structural carbohydrate pool and modulates xylem vulnerability to embolism in Fraxinus ornus L.
S Natale, M Tomasella, S Gargiulo, F Petruzzellis, G Tromba, E Boccato, ...
Environmental and Experimental Botany 210, 105315, 2023
Microbe-assisted seedling crop improvement by a seaweed extract to address fucalean forest restoration
F Malfatti, S Kaleb, A Saidi, A Pallavicini, L Agostini, F Gionechetti, ...
Frontiers in Marine Science 10, 1181685, 2023
Detecting and Quantifying Xylem Embolism by Synchrotron-Based X-Ray Micro-CT
M Tomasella, F Petruzzellis, S Natale, G Tromba, A Nardini
Xylem: Methods and Protocols, 51-63, 2023
The optical method based on gas injection overestimates leaf vulnerability to xylem embolism in three woody species
F Petruzzellis, A Di Bonaventura, E Tordoni, M Tomasella, S Natale, ...
Tree Physiology 43 (10), 1784-1795, 2023
Best Procedures for Leaf and Stem Water Potential Measurements in Grapevine: Cultivar and Water Status Matter
M Tomasella, A Calderan, A Mihelčič, F Petruzzellis, R Braidotti, S Natale, ...
Plants 12 (13), 2412, 2023
Stem photosynthetic efficiency across woody angiosperms and gymnosperms with contrasting drought tolerance
S Natale, F Petruzzellis, A Alboresi, N La Rocca, T Morosinotto, A Nardini
Trees, 1-11, 2023
Stem photosynthesis: an ally for trees facing drought?
S Natale
Università degli Studi di Trieste, 2023
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