Alberto Bossi
Alberto Bossi
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Istituto di Scienze e Tecnologie Chimiche "G. Natta" - CNR
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Photophysical Properties of Cyclometalated Pt (II) Complexes: Counterintuitive Blue Shift in Emission with an Expanded Ligand π System
A Bossi, AF Rausch, MJ Leitl, R Czerwieniec, MT Whited, PI Djurovich, ...
Inorganic chemistry 52 (21), 12403-12415, 2013
Near‐IR Emitting Iridium (III) Complexes with Heteroaromatic β‐Diketonate Ancillary Ligands for Efficient Solution‐Processed OLEDs: Structure–Property Correlations
S Kesarkar, W Mrz, M Penconi, M Pasini, S Destri, M Cazzaniga, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 55 (8), 2714-2718, 2016
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A Bossi, E Licandro, S Maiorana, C Rigamonti, S Righetto, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112 (21), 7900-7907, 2008
Enantioselective synthesis induced by tetrathia-[7]-helicenes in conjunction with asymmetric autocatalysis
T Kawasaki, K Suzuki, E Licandro, A Bossi, S Maiorana, K Soai
Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 17 (14), 2050-2053, 2006
Synthesis, characterization, and transistor response of tetrathia-[7]-helicene precursors and derivatives
C Kim, TJ Marks, A Facchetti, M Schiavo, A Bossi, S Maiorana, E Licandro, ...
Organic electronics 10 (8), 1511-1520, 2009
Gold (I) Complexes of Tetrathiaheterohelicene Phosphanes
S Cauteruccio, A Loos, A Bossi, MC Blanco Jaimes, D Dova, F Rominger, ...
Inorganic chemistry 52 (14), 7995-8004, 2013
Theoretical Design of Substituted Tetrathia‐[7]‐Helicenes with Large Second‐Order Nonlinear Optical Responses
B Champagne, JM Andr, E Botek, E Licandro, S Maiorana, A Bossi, ...
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Electrochemical activity of thiahelicenes: Structure effects and electrooligomerization ability
A Bossi, L Falciola, C Graiff, S Maiorana, C Rigamonti, A Tiripicchio, ...
Electrochimica Acta 54 (22), 5083-5097, 2009
Metal‐Free Benzodithiophene‐Containing Organic Dyes for Dye‐Sensitized Solar Cells
E Longhi, A Bossi, G Di Carlo, S Maiorana, F De Angelis, P Salvatori, ...
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In Situ Observation of Degradation by Ligand Substitution in Small Molecule Phosphorescent OLED
MJ Jurow, A Bossi, PI Djurovich, ME Thompson
Chemistry of Materials 26 (22), 6578–6584, 2014
A Novel and Efficient Approach to (Z)-1, 2-Bis (benzodithienyl) ethene Precursors of Tetrathia [7] helicenes
C Baldoli, A Bossi, C Giannini, E Licandro, S Maiorana, D Perdicchia, ...
Synlett 2005 (07), 1137-1141, 2005
Tetrathia [7] helicene-Based Complexes of Ferrocene and (η5-Cyclohexadienyl) tricarbonylmanganese: Synthesis and Electrochemical Studies
F Rose-Munch, M Li, E Rose, JC Daran, A Bossi, E Licandro, PR Mussini
Organometallics 31 (1), 92-104, 2011
Unraveling the Degradation Mechanism in FIrpic-Based Blue OLEDs: II. Trap and Detect Molecules at the Interfaces
M Penconi, M Cazzaniga, W Panzeri, A Mele, F Cargnoni, D Ceresoli, ...
Chemistry of Materials 31 (7), 2277-2285, 2019
The effect of perylene diimides chemical structure on the photovoltaic performance of P3HT/perylene diimides solar cells
D Kotowski, S Luzzati, G Scavia, M Cavazzini, A Bossi, M Catellani, ...
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Silyl‐Substituted Tetrathia [7] helicenes: Synthesis, X‐ray Characterization and Reactivity
A Bossi, S Maiorana, C Graiff, A Tiripicchio, E Licandro
European journal of organic chemistry 2007 (27), 4499-4509, 2007
Novel substituted tetrathia [7] helicenes by direct functionalization of the helical system or photocyclization of substituted 1, 2-(bis-benzodithienyl) ethenes
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Advancing Near-Infrared Phosphorescence with Heteroleptic Iridium Complexes Bearing a Single Emitting Ligand: Properties and Organic Light-Emitting Diode Applications
M Penconi, AB Kajjam, MC Jung, M Cazzaniga, C Baldoli, D Ceresoli, ...
Chemistry of Materials 34 (2), 574-583, 2022
Vacuum-deposited porphyrin protective films on graphite: Electrochemical atomic force microscopy investigation during anion intercalation
R Yivlialin, G Bussetti, M Penconi, A Bossi, F Ciccacci, M Finazzi, L Duò
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (4), 4100-4105, 2017
Design of perylene diimides for organic solar cell: Effect of molecular steric hindrance and extended conjugation
E Kozma, D Kotowski, M Catellani, S Luzzati, M Cavazzini, A Bossi, ...
Materials Chemistry and Physics 163, 152-160, 2015
Synthesis, Photophysics, and Electrochemistry of Tetra (2‐thienyl) ethylene (TTE) Derivatives
A Bolzoni, L Viglianti, A Bossi, PR Mussini, S Cauteruccio, C Baldoli, ...
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2013 (33), 7489-7499, 2013
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