Luciano Barboni
Luciano Barboni
School of Science and Technology, University of Camerino
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Recent developments on the chemistry of aliphatic nitro compounds under aqueous medium
R Ballini, L Barboni, F Fringuelli, A Palmieri, F Pizzo, L Vaccaro
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BK Ponou, RB Teponno, M Ricciutelli, L Quassinti, M Bramucci, G Lupidi, ...
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Polystyryl‐BEMP as an Efficient Recyclable Catalyst for the Nucleophilic Addition of Nitroalkanes to α, β‐Unsaturated Carbonyl Compounds under Solvent‐Free Conditions
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Nitroalkanes in aqueous medium as an efficient and eco-friendly source for the one-pot synthesis of 1, 4-diketones, 1, 4-diols, δ-nitroalkanols, and hydroxytetrahydrofurans
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Phytochemistry 35 (6), 1579-1582, 1994
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