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Chiara Verpelli
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SynGO: an evidence-based, expert-curated knowledge base for the synapse
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CDKL5 ensures excitatory synapse stability by reinforcing NGL-1–PSD95 interaction in the postsynaptic compartment and is impaired in patient iPSC-derived neurons
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Alternative splicing of the histone demethylase LSD1/KDM1 contributes to the modulation of neurite morphogenesis in the mammalian nervous system
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Shank synaptic scaffold proteins: keys to understanding the pathogenesis of autism and other synaptic disorders
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Synaptic activity controls dendritic spine morphology by modulating eEF2-dependent BDNF synthesis
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Synaptic localization and activity of ADAM10 regulate excitatory synapses through N-cadherin cleavage
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Expression of cocaine-evoked synaptic plasticity by GluN3A-containing NMDA receptors
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Elongation factor-2 phosphorylation in dendrites and the regulation of dendritic mRNA translation in neurons
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Combined targeting of interleukin‐6 and vascular endothelial growth factor potently inhibits glioma growth and invasiveness
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Scaffold proteins at the postsynaptic density
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Combination of temozolomide with immunocytokine F16–IL2 for the treatment of glioblastoma
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Proteomic Analysis of Post-synaptic Density Fractions from Shank3 Mutant Mice Reveals Brain Region Specific Changes Relevant to Autism Spectrum Disorder
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eEF2K/eEF2 pathway controls the excitation/inhibition balance and susceptibility to epileptic seizures
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Regulated RalBP1 binding to RalA and PSD-95 controls AMPA receptor endocytosis and LTD
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SHANK3 gene mutations associated with autism facilitate ligand binding to the Shank3 ankyrin repeat region
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Dimerizable Redox‐Sensitive Triazine‐Based Cationic Lipids for in vitro Gene Delivery
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ChemMedChem: Chemistry Enabling Drug Discovery 2 (3), 292-296, 2007
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