Mario Urso
Mario Urso
Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC)
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Gas sensing materials roadmap
H Wang, J Ma, J Zhang, Y Feng, MT Vijjapu, S Yuvaraja, SG Surya, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 33 (30), 303001, 2021
Trapping and detecting nanoplastics by MXene-derived oxide microrobots
M Urso, M Ussia, F Novotn, M Pumera
Nature communications 13 (1), 3573, 2022
Breaking Polymer Chains with Self‐Propelled Light‐Controlled Navigable Hematite Microrobots
M Urso, M Ussia, M Pumera
Advanced Functional Materials 31 (28), 2101510, 2021
Active Light‐Powered Antibiofilm ZnO Micromotors with Chemically Programmable Properties
M Ussia, M Urso, K Dolezelikova, H Michalkova, V Adam, M Pumera
Advanced Functional Materials 31 (27), 2101178, 2021
Ni(OH)2@Ni core-shell nanochains as low-cost high-rate performance electrode for energy storage applications
M Urso, G Torrisi, S Boninelli, C Bongiorno, F Priolo, S Mirabella
Scientific Reports 9 (1), 7736, 2019
Nano/microplastics capture and degradation by autonomous nano/microrobots: a perspective
M Urso, M Pumera
Advanced Functional Materials 32 (20), 2112120, 2022
Room temperature detection and modelling of sub-ppm NO2 by low-cost nanoporous NiO film
M Urso, SG Leonardi, G Neri, S Petralia, S Conoci, F Priolo, S Mirabella
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 305, 127481, 2020
Shape-controlled self-assembly of light-powered microrobots into ordered microchains for cells transport and water remediation
X Peng, M Urso, M Ussia, M Pumera
ACS nano 16 (5), 7615-7625, 2022
Smart micro-and nanorobots for water purification
M Urso, M Ussia, M Pumera
Nature Reviews Bioengineering 1 (4), 236-251, 2023
Self‐Propelled Multifunctional Microrobots Harboring Chiral Supramolecular Selectors for “Enantiorecognition‐on‐the‐Fly”
J Muoz, M Urso, M Pumera
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 61 (14), e202116090, 2022
High intrinsic activity of the oxygen evolution reaction in low-cost NiO nanowall electrocatalysts
S Cosentino, M Urso, G Torrisi, S Battiato, F Priolo, A Terrasi, S Mirabella
Materials Advances 1 (6), 1971-1979, 2020
Light‐Propelled Nanorobots for Facial Titanium Implants Biofilms Removal
M Ussia, M Urso, S Kment, T Fialova, K Klima, K Dolezelikova, M Pumera
Small 18 (22), 2200708, 2022
Photo‐Fenton Degradation of Nitroaromatic Explosives by Light‐Powered Hematite Microrobots: When Higher Speed Is Not What We Go For
X Peng, M Urso, M Pumera
Small Methods 5 (10), 2100617, 2021
Hybrid nickel-free graphene/porphyrin rings for photodegradation of emerging pollutants in water
M Ussia, M Urso, M Miritello, E Bruno, G Curcuruto, D Vitalini, ...
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Investigating the charge-discharge behaviour of Ni (OH) 2 nanowalls
M Urso, F Priolo, S Mirabella
Applied Surface Science 534, 147585, 2020
Disposable and low-cost electrode based on graphene paper-nafion-bi nanostructures for ultra-trace determination of pb (II) and cd (II)
A Scandurra, F Ruffino, M Urso, MG Grimaldi, S Mirabella
Nanomaterials 10 (8), 1620, 2020
Optimization of Oxygen Evolution Reaction with Electroless Deposited Ni–P Catalytic Nanocoating
S Battiato, M Urso, S Cosentino, AL Pellegrino, S Mirabella, A Terrasi
Nanomaterials 11 (11), 3010, 2021
Self‐Propelled Magnetic Dendrite‐Shaped Microrobots for Photodynamic Prostate Cancer Therapy
X Peng, M Urso, J Balvan, M Masarik, M Pumera
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 61 (48), e202213505, 2022
Nickel Sulfide Microrockets as Self‐Propelled Energy Storage Devices to Power Electronic Circuits “On‐Demand”
M Urso, C Iffelsberger, CC Mayorga‐Martinez, M Pumera
Small Methods 5 (10), 2100511, 2021
Acetone sensing and modelling by low-cost NiO nanowalls
M Urso, SG Leonardi, G Neri, S Petralia, S Conoci, F Priolo, S Mirabella
Materials Letters 262, 127043, 2020
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