Antonio Paolo Beltrami
Antonio Paolo Beltrami
UniversitÓ degli Studi di Udine, Dipartimento di Area Medica
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Adult cardiac stem cells are multipotent and support myocardial regeneration
AP Beltrami, L Barlucchi, D Torella, M Baker, F Limana, S Chimenti, ...
Cell 114 (6), 763-776, 2003
Evidence that human cardiac myocytes divide after myocardial infarction
AP Beltrami, K Urbanek, J Kajstura, SM Yan, N Finato, R Bussani, ...
New England Journal of Medicine 344 (23), 1750-1757, 2001
Chimerism of the transplanted heart
F Quaini, K Urbanek, AP Beltrami, N Finato, CA Beltrami, B Nadal-Ginard, ...
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Human cardiac stem cells
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Myocardial regeneration by activation of multipotent cardiac stem cells in ischemic heart failure
K Urbanek, D Torella, F Sheikh, A De Angelis, D Nurzynska, F Silvestri, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102 (24), 8692-8697, 2005
Oxidative stress–mediated cardiac cell death is a major determinant of ventricular dysfunction and failure in dog dilated cardiomyopathy
D Cesselli, I Jakoniuk, L Barlucchi, AP Beltrami, TH Hintze, ...
Circulation research 89 (3), 279-286, 2001
Multipotent cells can be generated in vitro from several adult human organs (heart, liver, and bone marrow)
AP Beltrami, D Cesselli, N Bergamin, P Marcon, S Rigo, E Puppato, ...
Blood 110 (9), 3438-3446, 2007
Myocyte turnover in the aging human heart
J Kajstura, N Gurusamy, B Ogˇrek, P Goichberg, C Clavo-Rondon, ...
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Transplantation of human pericyte progenitor cells improves the repair of infarcted heart through activation of an angiogenic program involving micro-RNA-132
R Katare, F Riu, K Mitchell, M Gubernator, P Campagnolo, Y Cui, ...
Circulation research 109 (8), 894-906, 2011
P Campagnolo, D Cesselli, A Al Haj Zen, AP Beltrami, N Kränkel, ...
Circulation 121 (15), 1735-1745, 2010
Unexpected expression of α-and β-globin in mesencephalic dopaminergic neurons and glial cells
M Biagioli, M Pinto, D Cesselli, M Zaninello, D Lazarevic, P Roncaglia, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (36), 15454-15459, 2009
Effects of age and heart failure on human cardiac stem cell function
D Cesselli, AP Beltrami, F D'Aurizio, P Marcon, N Bergamin, B Toffoletto, ...
The American journal of pathology 179 (1), 349-366, 2011
Multipotent progenitor cells are present in human peripheral blood
D Cesselli, AP Beltrami, S Rigo, N Bergamin, F D'Aurizio, R Verardo, ...
Circulation Research 104 (10), 1225-1234, 2009
Intravenous gene therapy with PIM-1 via a cardiotropic viral vector halts the progression of diabetic cardiomyopathy through promotion of prosurvival signaling
R Katare, A Caporali, L Zentilin, E Avolio, G Sala-Newby, A Oikawa, ...
Circulation research 108 (10), 1238-1251, 2011
Global remodeling of the vascular stem cell niche in bone marrow of diabetic patients: implication of the microRNA-155/FOXO3a signaling pathway
G Spinetti, D Cordella, O Fortunato, E Sangalli, S Losa, A Gotti, F Carnelli, ...
Circulation research 112 (3), 510-522, 2013
Combined intramyocardial delivery of human pericytes and cardiac stem cells additively improves the healing of mouse infarcted hearts through stimulation of vascular andá…
E Avolio, M Meloni, HL Spencer, F Riu, R Katare, G Mangialardi, ...
Circulation research 116 (10), e81-e94, 2015
Superiority of transplantation versus resection for the treatment of small hepatocellular carcinoma
U Baccarani, M Isola, GL Adani, E Benzoni, C Avellini, D Lorenzin, ...
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Long noncoding RNA dysregulation in ischemic heart failure
S Greco, G Zaccagnini, A Perfetti, P Fuschi, R Valaperta, C Voellenkle, ...
Journal of translational medicine 14 (1), 183, 2016
An imbalanced OPG/TRAIL ratio is associated to severe acute myocardial infarction
P Secchiero, F Corallini, AP Beltrami, C Ceconi, V Bonasia, A Di Chiara, ...
Atherosclerosis 210 (1), 274-277, 2010
Role for substance P–Based nociceptive signaling in progenitor cell activation and angiogenesis during ischemia in mice and in human subjects
S Amadesi, C Reni, R Katare, M Meloni, A Oikawa, AP Beltrami, E Avolio, ...
Circulation 125 (14), 1774-1786, 2012
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