Roberto Feuda
Roberto Feuda
Royal Society Research Fellow-Department of Genetics and Genome Biology, University of Leicester
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Genomic data do not support comb jellies as the sister group to all other animals
D Pisani, W Pett, M Dohrmann, R Feuda, O Rota-Stabelli, H Philippe, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (50), 15402-15407, 2015
Improved Modeling of Compositional Heterogeneity Supports Sponges as Sister to All Other Animals
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Metazoan opsin evolution reveals a simple route to animal vision
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Resolving phylogenetic signal from noise when divergence is rapid: a new look at the old problem of echinoderm class relationships
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The comb jelly opsins and the origins of animal phototransduction
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Conservation, duplication, and divergence of five opsin genes in insect evolution
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Tracing the evolutionary history of the mole, Talpa europaea, through mitochondrial DNA phylogeography and species distribution modelling
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Profiling cellular diversity in sponges informs animal cell type and nervous system evolution
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Phylogenetic Signal Dissection Identifies the Root of Starfishes
R Feuda, A Smith
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Reply to Halanych et al.: Ctenophore misplacement is corroborated by independent datasets
D Pisani, W Pett, M Dohrmann, R Feuda, O Rota-Stabelli, H Philippe, ...
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Genomic adaptations to aquatic and aerial life in mayflies and the origin of insect wings
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Functional opsin retrogene in nocturnal moth
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A novel approach to investigate the effect of tree reconstruction artifacts in single-gene analysis clarifies opsin evolution in nonbilaterian metazoans
JF Fleming, R Feuda, NW Roberts, D Pisani
Genome biology and evolution 12 (2), 3906-3916, 2020
Ciliary photoreceptors in sea urchin larvae indicate pan-deuterostome cell type conservation
JE Valencia, R Feuda, DO Mellott, RD Burke, P Isabelle S, 2019
Sensory Neuroscience: A Taste for Light and the Origin of Animal Vision
D Pisani, O Rota-Stabelli, R Feuda
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Genomic adaptations to aquatic and aerial life in mayflies and the origin of wings in insects
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The diverging evolutionary history of opsin genes in Diptera
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bioRxiv, 2020
The mayfly Cloeon dipterum: a new platform to study insect evolution and morphological novelties
I Almudi, J Vizueta, F Marlétaz, C Wyatt, P Firbas, R Feuda, A Mendoza, ...
A common regulatory neurogenic toolkit in Bilateria
R Feuda, I Peter
Developmental Biology of Sea Urchin XXV, 2018
Eyes without the master: photoreceptor specification in the sea urchin larva is independent of the retinal determination network
R Feuda, J Valencia, D Mellot, R Burke, I Peter
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