Federico Rossi
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Dynamics of pattern formation in biomimetic systems
F Rossi, S Ristori, M Rustici, N Marchettini, E Tiezzi
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R Tomasi, JM Noël, A Zenati, S Ristori, F Rossi, V Cabuil, F Kanoufi, ...
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F Rossi, VK Vanag, IR Epstein
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F Rossi, MLT Liveri
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Spatio-Temporal Perturbation of the Dynamics of the Ferroin Catalyzed Belousov− Zhabotinsky Reaction in a Batch Reactor Caused by Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Micelles
F Rossi, R Lombardo, L Sciascia, C Sbriziolo, MLT Liveri
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F Rossi, VK Vanag, E Tiezzi, IR Epstein
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Mayenite based supports for atmospheric NO x sampling
R Cucciniello, A Proto, F Rossi, O Motta
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N Marchettini, MA Budroni, F Rossi, M Masia, MLT Liveri, M Rustici
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 12 (36), 11062-11069, 2010
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