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Life, death, and autophagy in cancer: NF-κB turns up everywhere
D Verzella, A Pescatore, D Capece, D Vecchiotti, MV Ursini, G Franzoso, ...
Cell death & disease 11 (3), 210, 2020
Alterations of the IKBKG locus and diseases: an update and a report of 13 novel mutations
F Fusco, A Pescatore, E Bal, A Ghoul, M Paciolla, MB Lioi, M D'Urso, ...
Human mutation 29 (5), 595-604, 2008
Insight into IKBKG/NEMO Locus: Report of New Mutations and Complex Genomic Rearrangements Leading to Incontinentia Pigmenti Disease
MI Conte, A Pescatore, M Paciolla, E Esposito, MG Miano, MB Lioi, ...
Human mutation 35 (2), 165-177, 2014
Incontinentia pigmenti: report on data from 2000 to 2013
F Fusco, M Paciolla, MI Conte, A Pescatore, E Esposito, P Mirabelli, ...
Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases 9, 1-5, 2014
EDA-ID and IP, Two Faces of the Same Coin: How the Same IKBKG/NEMO Mutation Affecting the NF-κB Pathway Can Cause Immunodeficiency and/or Inflammation
F Fusco, A Pescatore, MI Conte, P Mirabelli, M Paciolla, E Esposito, ...
International reviews of immunology 34 (6), 445-459, 2015
Identification of TRAF6-dependent NEMO polyubiquitination sites through analysis of a new NEMO mutation causing incontinentia pigmenti
H Sebban-Benin, A Pescatore, F Fusco, V Pascuale, J Gautheron, ...
Human molecular genetics 16 (23), 2805-2815, 2007
Genomic architecture at the Incontinentia Pigmenti locus favours de novo pathological alleles through different mechanisms
F Fusco, M Paciolla, F Napolitano, A Pescatore, I D'Addario, E Bal, ...
Human molecular genetics 21 (6), 1260-1271, 2012
Nuclear factor-kappa-B-inhibitor alpha (NFKBIA) is a developmental marker of NF-κB/p65 activation during in vitro oocyte maturation and early embryogenesis
M Paciolla, R Boni, F Fusco, A Pescatore, L Poeta, MV Ursini, MB Lioi, ...
Human reproduction 26 (5), 1191-1201, 2011
Clinical utility gene card for: Incontinentia Pigmenti
F Fusco, A Pescatore, J Steffann, G Royer, JP Bonnefont, MV Ursini
European Journal of Human Genetics 21 (7), 792-792, 2013
Identification of a new NEMO/TRAF6 interface affected in incontinentia pigmenti pathology
J Gautheron, A Pescatore, F Fusco, E Esposito, S Yamaoka, F Agou, ...
Human molecular genetics 19 (16), 3138-3149, 2010
Rare mendelian primary immunodeficiency diseases associated with impaired NF-κB signaling
M Paciolla, A Pescatore, MI Conte, E Esposito, M Incoronato, MB Lioi, ...
Genes & Immunity 16 (4), 239-246, 2015
COMMD7 as a novel NEMO interacting protein involved in the termination of NF‐κB signaling
E Esposito, G Napolitano, A Pescatore, G Calculli, MR Incoronato, ...
Journal of Cellular Physiology 231 (1), 152-161, 2016
NEMO regulates a cell death switch in TNF signaling by inhibiting recruitment of RIPK3 to the cell death-inducing complex II
A Pescatore, E Esposito, P Draber, H Walczak, MV Ursini
Cell death & disease 7 (8), e2346-e2346, 2016
Lack of interaction between NEMO and SHARPIN impairs linear ubiquitination and NF-κB activation and leads to incontinentia pigmenti
E Bal, E Laplantine, Y Hamel, V Dubosclard, B Boisson, A Pescatore, ...
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 140 (6), 1671-1682. e2, 2017
The isoprenoid end product N6-isopentenyladenosine reduces inflammatory response through the inhibition of the NFκB and STAT3 pathways in cystic fibrosis cells
A Santoro, E Ciaglia, V Nicolin, A Pescatore, L Prota, M Capunzo, ...
Inflammation Research 67, 315-326, 2018
Ubiquitin specific protease USP48 destabilizes NF-κB/p65 in retinal pigment epithelium cells
S Mirra, L Snchez-Bellver, C Casale, A Pescatore, G Marfany
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23 (17), 9682, 2022
Human genetic diseases linked to the absence of NEMO: an obligatory somatic mosaic disorder in male
A Pescatore, E Spinosa, C Casale, MB Lioi, MV Ursini, F Fusco
International journal of molecular sciences 23 (3), 1179, 2022
The Incontinentia Pigmenti Genetic Biobank: study design and cohort profile to facilitate research into a rare disease worldwide
F Fusco, V Valente, D Fergola, A Pescatore, MB Lioi, MV Ursini
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NF-κB-related genetic diseases
G Courtois, A Pescatore, J Gautheron, F Fusco, MV Ursini, A Senegas
Springer, 2015
Methods to study the effect of IKK inhibition on TNF-inducing apoptosis and necroptosis in cultured cells
A Pescatore, C Casale, F Fusco, MV Ursini
NF-κB Transcription Factors: Methods and Protocols, 243-254, 2021
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