Cianfanelli V*
Cianfanelli V*
PhD, University of Tor Vergata - Rome - Italy
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Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy
DJ Klionsky, FC Abdalla, H Abeliovich, RT Abraham, A Acevedo-Arozena, ...
Autophagy 8 (4), 445-544, 2012
mTOR inhibits autophagy by controlling ULK1 ubiquitylation, self-association and function through AMBRA1 and TRAF6
F Nazio, F Strappazzon, M Antonioli, P Bielli, V Cianfanelli, M Bordi, ...
Nature cell biology 15 (4), 406, 2013
AMBRA1 is able to induce mitophagy via LC3 binding, regardless of PARKIN and p62/SQSTM1
F Strappazzon, F Nazio, M Corrado, V Cianfanelli, A Romagnoli, ...
Cell death and differentiation 22 (3), 419, 2015
AMBRA1 links autophagy to cell proliferation and tumorigenesis by promoting c-Myc dephosphorylation and degradation
V Cianfanelli, C Fuoco, M Lorente, M Salazar, F Quondamatteo, ...
Nature cell biology 17 (1), 20, 2015
Unsaturated fatty acids induce non‐canonical autophagy
M Niso‐Santano, SA Malik, F Pietrocola, JM Bravo‐San Pedro, G Mario, ...
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Reduced cathepsins B and D cause impaired autophagic degradation that can be almost completely restored by overexpression of these two proteases in Sap C-deficient fibroblasts
M Tatti, M Motta, S Di Bartolomeo, S Scarpa, V Cianfanelli, F Cecconi, ...
Human molecular genetics 21 (23), 5159-5173, 2012
New insights into the link between DNA damage and apoptosis
D De Zio, V Cianfanelli, F Cecconi
Antioxidants & redox signaling 19 (6), 559-571, 2013
Ambra1 at a glance
V Cianfanelli, D De Zio, S Di Bartolomeo, F Nazio, F Strappazzon, ...
J Cell Sci 128 (11), 2003-2008, 2015
Cathepsin-mediated regulation of autophagy in saposin C deficiency
M Tatti, M Motta, S Di Bartolomeo, V Cianfanelli, R Salvioli
Autophagy 9 (2), 241-243, 2013
AMBRA1 and BECLIN 1 interplay in the crosstalk between autophagy and cell proliferation
V Cianfanelli, M D'Orazio, F Cecconi
Cell cycle 14 (7), 959-963, 2015
Zebrafish ambra1a and ambra1b knockdown impairs skeletal muscle development
T Skobo, F Benato, P Grumati, G Meneghetti, V Cianfanelli, S Castagnaro, ...
PloS one 9 (6), e99210, 2014
Autophagy and cancer stem cells: molecular mechanisms and therapeutic applications
F Nazio, M Bordi, V Cianfanelli, F Locatelli, F Cecconi
Cell Death & Differentiation 26 (4), 690-702, 2019
MIR7–3HG, a MYC-dependent modulator of cell proliferation, inhibits autophagy by a regulatory loop involving AMBRA1
M Capizzi, F Strappazzon, V Cianfanelli, E Papaleo, F Cecconi
Autophagy 13 (3), 554-566, 2017
Prosurvival AMBRA1 turns into a proapoptotic BH3-like protein during mitochondrial apoptosis
F Strappazzon, A Di Rita, V Cianfanelli, M D'Orazio, F Nazio, GM Fimia, ...
Autophagy 12 (6), 963-975, 2016
Rapamycin and fasting sustain autophagy response activated by ischemia/reperfusion injury and promote retinal ganglion cell survival
R Russo, GP Varano, A Adornetto, F Nazio, G Tettamanti, R Girardello, ...
Cell death & disease 9 (10), 981, 2018
Macroautophagy inhibition maintains fragmented mitochondria to foster T cell receptor‐dependent apoptosis
M Corrado, FR Mariotti, L Trapani, L Taraborrelli, F Nazio, V Cianfanelli, ...
The EMBO journal 35 (16), 1793-1809, 2016
Connecting autophagy: AMBRA1 and its network of regulation
V Cianfanelli, F Nazio, F Cecconi
Molecular & cellular oncology 2 (1), e970059, 2015
The pro-oxidant adaptor p66SHC promotes B cell mitophagy by disrupting mitochondrial integrity and recruiting LC3-II
A Onnis, V Cianfanelli, C Cassioli, D Samardzic, PG Pelicci, F Cecconi, ...
Autophagy 14 (12), 2117-2138, 2018
AMBRA1: When autophagy meets cell proliferation
V Cianfanelli, F Cecconi
Autophagy 11 (9), 1705-1707, 2015
BCM-95 and (2-hydroxypropyl)-β-cyclodextrin reverse autophagy dysfunction and deplete stored lipids in Sap C-deficient fibroblasts
M Tatti, M Motta, S Scarpa, S Di Bartolomeo, V Cianfanelli, M Tartaglia, ...
Human molecular genetics 24 (15), 4198-4211, 2015
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